How Infinite Scrolling For Your Content Affects You?

Creating the best possible content technique and then displaying it well for your company matters a lot. Many companies like SEO services Bunbury focus on what the content says and how it looks on the all the pages of their website, and yes it should be the  first step before deciding about your content. Because it is necessary to view that how your content is displayed on your website. This is very important for any website owner to make his website readable and more user friendly.

As we have seen that more and more companies are installing infinite scrolling to their blogs to help improve their presentation and make the accessibility more easier. But infinite scrolling isn’t the ideal path for all businesses.

Hence, if you are also thinking to integrate infinite scrolling then first make sure that is it really important for your website or is it just a new way:

How Infinite scrolling works:

According to SEO Darwin the best examples of infinite scrolling are social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. When you land on their page you might have noticed, you can just keep scrolling down and down and the content is always loaded immediately. You never have search for the next button to load the older content. This technique is no =doubt easy for the user as it gives a smoother experience.

But still there are some pros and cons about infinite scrolling:


  • It is great for mobile touch screens as It is quite easier to scroll through a page on a mobile phone than to click on a link.
  • Especially for those sites which focus on more and more pics infinite scrolling is of great use. Most of these websites use infinite  help users stay focused .
  • you’ll get better exposure if you have used infinite scrolling.
  • You can manage large amounts of data more easily.
  • You will get more real time information benefits greatly from infinite scrolling. If your website has real-time information coming through, infinite scrolling helps keep everything updated.


  • Infinite scrolling can be irritating for viewers as they have to scroll a lot and it is not coming to an end ever. Having no stopping point can be distracting and exhausting, that is why Google hasn’t used infinite scroll on its search engine.
  • Infinite scroll makes a footer very difficult. Often companies will have important links in their footers and customers will have to quickly scroll down and try to reach the footer.
  • Viewers do not want to skip any information when they land on your website. They have no idea how many pages are on your site and there is no skip option. As they cannot skip hence there can be navigational issues.

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