Strong Bond of Content Marketing & Link Building for SEO

Both terms such as ‘content marketing’ and ‘link building’ defines different marketing practices comprising different scope, strategies, and purposes, as suggested by the SEO consulting experts. Both of these activities are not same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply both in the same manner.

In this post, we will make it clear that how content marketing and link building differ.

Content marketing works like an act of creating, publishing and distributing content such as articles, images, blogs, videos, with the sole purpose of attracting, engaging and retaining the audience. In short, we can say that content marketing is a customer-centric approach for growth and profit.

On the other hand, link building is a process of search engine optimization which focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of inbound links for a specific web page to improve the web page’s ranking position.

When should you access Link Building?

Being a marketing approach, link building works for the purpose of influencing search engine algorithms. It seeks to convince the search engine bots that the specific page is important in the context of the search which is relevant. The SEO practitioners working in this industry know well that inbound links are accessed in the same manner that is used to evaluate the page’s popularity and value. Hence, elevating a large number of good quality links will have an impact in how a page ranks on the search results page.

The tactics for link building includes:

  • Generating compelling and informative content
  • Finding those directories that propose follows links
  • Posting press releases to encourage the articles
  • Guest blogging and posting articles for publications
  • Establishing relationship with bloggers and website owners
  • Adding posts to social networks, proposing to follow links
  • Making contribution to forums and content communities
  • Posting new ideas as breaking issues on social media
  • Developing landing pages
  • Researching in common words and phrases on search engines

When should you access Content Marketing?

If you looking for lasting relationship with your customers, content marketing is the thing for you. Don’t forget the triple purpose of content marketing, attracting, engaging and retaining customers. It often seeks for research in order to recognize the customers’ needs and expectations. Thus, a content marketer can create the content to:

  • Solve the readers’ problems, and help them to make better decisions
  • Entertain the audiences
  • Giving introduction to people and building communities
  • Making money
  • Making other people successful

While focusing on the fundamentally useful things, content marketing can easily elevate a brand’s reputation, and making the website a perfect place for the consumers to return to. The companies that relatively sell complicated products or services, and who have the opportunity to sell a customer repeatedly will often incline towards content marketing strategies. Since it enables the customers to keep coming back on the website.

According to SEO USA experts, both content marketing, and link building complement each other. A campaign for link building successfully elevates some of the web pages on the results page, while generating more traffic. Likewise, a company with a good reputation of providing content might stand out on the search engines as a trusted entity and ultimately it leads to the increment in the number of quality inbound links.

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