Employee Referral Program Can Ease Your Task Of Recruiting

Employers are trying out different ways in recruiting their employees. Many SEO companies in Bangalore use social media and they say that Social media is gaining the utmost importance in this field and there are few other ways too which are less conventional but the employers are in search of much better ways. Reports say that 47% of 3,894 hiring managers use social media for their hiring process and hence it is the most widely used platform.

Still there are many other opportunities through which companies can recruit better employees. The opportunities like their employees referral program is still unexplored and many companies do not know about this. Creating an employee referral program can boost their benefits and  help them recruit some great minds.

Here are some wonderful ways in which you can create a successful employee referral program and  use it for recruiting:

1.Create your employee referral program:

The study conducted by ICIMS study in 2015 found that 63 percent of 107 HR professionals have a referral program in the documented form. More than half of  the companies like SEO companies in jaipur have conveyed that referred employees are better in every sense. They are well mannered, stay for long and are more satisfied.

These employee referral programs attract and give opportunity to better people, reduce the burden of recruiting for the hiring managers as they had to select the resumes and then conduct interviews of each and every person which would be quite hectic. But if you want to create an effective program then it will need a great deal of planning.

First thing what you need is to determine the goal of the employee referral program. This need can be as general as increasing the number of referred candidates or as specific as improving the variety in the sales strategies. Create a simple strategy which focuses on your employees as well as customers.

At the end you have to  measure everything, including the quality of all the aspirants, the amount of employee participation, and the percentages of referred candidates who get hired. Your data will inform you that from where the process can improve and what exactly is working.

How can you extend the employee referral program to social recruiting?

To look into this, it is not at all a big deal.


Twitter is the most convenient social platform where your referral program can flourish well. To recruit the best minds all you need to do is, create strong job posting and tweets that provide more than just a link to the application. Provide something more like making the tweet informative and using strong hashtags that contain keywords, different terms related to the job and clear location of the job.


This widely used platform can be very useful when it comes to recruiting your employees. A successful and well crafted Facebook page about your company is all what you need. Add a job tab there and encourage your employees to refer potential candidates to the company page. In this way they will get the latest feeds about the company and it will help the customers to know more about your company. It might be possible that someone among your customers might want to become your employee.


On LinkedIn you can post relevant content to establish the company as an epitome of trust. This will expand the network and the message of your company fast.


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