Analyse Your Customer Journey

Brands today are just busy building their own business and spreading it more and more at different locations. Experts from SEO company Vadodara say that once the business of these  brands is set they just think about money and forget the main factor – customers. They are losing a lot of opportunities by not focusing on them once they build themselves. They forget that it is their customers only who have helped them rise so high.

Brands should have a broader view and look at their customer journey sometimes and analyse. Diagnosing your customer journey you will come to know about many hidden things and probably your mistakes which you should improve. You need to engage your brand like a prospect with your customers and this will let you know about them more deeply.

So, here are some of the ways in which you can analyse your customer journey and know them well:

1.Discover about your brand:

To discover your brand here you need to get into the shoes of your customers. Once you are the customer you should go and search the web using the phrases consumers are most likely to use regarding your products or services. You do not have to check it with the product name. You will get to see many blogs, forums, tweets, etc. where conversations related to your business are taking place. Just take a look and see if your brand’s name is there or not. If not, then you have to work a lot in building customer awareness.

2.Engage with most of the customers:

In this strategy you have to again carry out a random search but this time you do not have to use phrases but directly your product names. Use words like help and hate with the names of the products to find out the right discussions. If here also your name is not found then again you have to build awareness about your product.


This one is a straightforward method. Here you have to simply try to engage your brand through external channels.You dont have wear the hat of a customer here but you can openly advise that you’re working to ensure your customer experience  and check that it is water-tight and are curious as to where this message (or phone call) lands.

  1. You have to advocate:

SEO company Secunderabad suggests to advocate your approach. This method also involves your search engine. Here while searching add some terms like love, best, recommend, if you do not find anything here then there is again a problem.  While all these methods might look very simple to you, but you’ll be surprised  to know that  many brands lose sight of their customer experience.

So, just step outside of the norm and see what you look like from the outside. When you will see it you will find at least one opportunity to improve yourself more.


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