How Can You Accelerate Your Page Load Time

Page load is the biggest factor which decides whether your prospects will remain on that page or not. If it loads within 3 seconds then your prospects are likely to stay on your site but if it takes more than that then they would most probably leave it. According to Houston SEO services when your prospects leave that page it is counted as suspicious by Google and it might hamper your rankings.

Here are some of the effective ways in which you can accelerate the ranking of your page:

1.Your code should be clean:

Everybody likes cleanliness in coding also. The more it is tidy the more your developer will understand and the speed of your page load will also increase. So Reduce the size of site files, especially those which are on the front-end as it can affect the loading speed very well. Other issues like excess spaces, space from margins, line breaks and superfluous tags can hurt your page load time badly.

You can always use Javascript in this case as It allows you to add little details which will help to enhance the page load time.

2.Cut some from HTML and CSS:

You can directly minify HTML and CSS and this will help you to package and deliver page data in the most accurate form. People who are technically strong can do this minimization on their own but if you are not sure then you can always take the help of your developer to do this.

3.GZIP Compression:

GZIP compression is used to encode the content which the browser requests the server to access. As this content is encoded it will be of shorter size and this will lead to fast loading of pages. So, you can use this technique too.

4.Less no. of redirects:

According to Top 10 SEO companies 301 redirects are not dangerous as they are a standard SEO-friendly way which tell both search engines and visitors that a page has permanently moved to some other address. It’s the best practice used when campaigns and sites change over time. They can even  help you to reduce 404 errors.

5.Relocate scripts:

You should relocate scripts because if your tracking scripts are placed  in the <head> tag of your landing page then your browser will download those scripts before showing the real content which the people actually wanted to see on your page.

6.Limited no. of wordpress plugins:

Your website designing team has used so many plugins that they are hindering the loading speed of your site. You should pay attention to this aspect and just check once that even for the simple things like tracking and social sharing you have used wordpress plugins. If you think that the work can be done by yourself then there is no need to install plugins for each and everything.

7.Upgrade your hosting plans:

If you want to earn good from your website then going with cheap hosting plans will never lead you there because then your site shares the server with other sites. So, the loading speed of your site will definitely be slow. Go for good plans where you get your server and all the privileges.


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