What are the worst things you are doing in Content marketing?

Content marketing is the major course of action for the digital marketers across the globe. Digital marketers are trying every odds and evens to make the content rank. They are driving many campaigns and many events to make it work and reach to the targeted audience. The best SEO Company Las Vegas also believes in the fact that content is the future of SEO and has taken widely in all the niches. But even the best of the top companies are committing some deadly sins that are gulping the traffic and eradicating the reach. Know now:

  1.     Not enforcing proper keyword research:

While content is the key, there are many content creators who are lacking in doing the proper keyword research. It is a tool for planning your content strategically and effectively. Even the SEO company Las vegas says that It is astonishing that many content creators do not give much importance to keyword research and let the flow of words be non-targeted. Make sure that content developers should put much focus on keyword research to build in the connectivity and target reach.

  1.     Not laying out the best content ideas:

It has been seen that many content creators are not putting forward the best of the ideas and testing it out. We agree that any major or minor technique need phase of testing and when you do it, the results could be in any favour. However, your approach here matters that needs to be in the right direction of creating the content and get it recognised. Tools like Buzzsumo helps in predicting that how much is the strength of your content and the content ideas that worked for others will work for you or not?

  1.     Not using Adwords data for conversion rate and performance:

While it can be also be seen that content creation lacks efforts at times that directly affects conversion rate and performance of the website. With paid search and Google Adwords, you can access the sites and even look out for the conversion rate and all the necessary measures.

  1.     Reclined on Google ideas for topics:

Content creation is a creative job and creative writers need to pull out the best of the ideas from their upper box. Content is the key that is driving the online market and something unusual will definitely help in uplifting the standards of content and ushering more to the internet. This is also responsible for engaging audience.

  1.     Not measuring performance:

Many a times, the performance is not assessed that directly hampers the process of building new and engaging content. With large clients and working on omni channel platform, this is the problem that is configured and need to be abandoned in content marketing and promotion.

  1.     Content marketing is new SEO

No, if you are thinking that content marketing is the new SEO, then you are sadly mistaken. Content is there to stay but SEO has a wide magnitude and many strategies. Yes, high quality content helping in ranking the website and when it does the impact is directly on SEO, making your website reach to the audience that is targeted.

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