Learn all about On-Page SEO in 2016

On-Page SEO is a technique of optimizing your content for search engines. From keyword usage to keyword placement on-page SEO is a wide portfolio. However, this is no more same in the year 2016. On-Page SEO has become more intricate in the year 2016 like never before. Today it is all about optimizing traditional page elements and make things bigger and better.

Here we are discussing some On-Page SEO trends in 2016

  1.      Cater to the searcher’s need:

If you are optimizing your page catering to the needs and the search trends of the audience you are doing an appreciating job. Fulfilling the searcher’s goal and satisfy their intent is the basic element for on-page SEO. For example– if a searcher is looking for a wedding formal wear, then the search will comply of formal wear in all the categories. While their intent is to see formal wear that they can wear in a wedding, e-commerce players need to be accurate with the audience intent. Optimizing page as per user’s need and considering their intent is paramount important and shall meet with the demands on the first note.

  1.       Less loading time

When any customer lands up to your website there are many things in his mind, and if your website or pages are taking too long to load, there are high chances of abandonment. This is the serious case when companies need to figure out ways to maintain high speed of their website so that user will stick by. This is the generation that doesn’t wait if it is for time, and if you do not have the right element then your chances are minimal.

  1.       Put focus on UI, UX and Branding

If your site is user friendly and cater to your needs to be convenient and understandable, you have high chances to meet the high response from the user. Well, this is certainly the case when a potential customer comes  to your site and how you manifest the path in showing the products. The same goes with online experience where customers can relate to the interface of your site and imbibe trust.

  1.       Check on elements that cringes audience:

According to SEO company Japan, there are many elements in your website that simply makes the audience or visitor cringe. Put a check on those elements and eliminate it on the priority level. The most common elements are those that deals with content consumption experience. The unnecessary surveys that pop on the site also made them cringe.

  1.       Target keywords

Targeting specific keywords that ranks website is still not an old school. You need to feed keywords in your content that has fair chances to let you rank on the top. We know that there are many entrants that specifically does not deal with keywords targeting but it exists and plays a crucial role.

  1.       Target related topics

Well, related topics are very much in search and have high chances to be clicked. Even the best SEO tokyo agree with the fact of adding more of topics that are related to the highly searched topics. A search marketer’s or content creator’s special focus must be on putting those terms and phrases that are related to the highly searched content and  how to use the same in the content?

If you lack in feeding it to your content, then the chances are high that your content will see a bad face.


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