10 SEO Tips for Food Bloggers

If you are a food blogger and this is one of the best article for you to learn many Blogging Tips.

SEO is the second neatest thing, after photography, you can learn to try and do for your business as a food blogger anywhere in the world. SEO takes time and doesn’t happen long. Which clearly concluded however the expertise you receive is invaluable.

  1. Add Best Image after the Title and before Description.

Click on image to enlarge. Before any recipe or intro begins, add the best image of the dish.

Understand the following two points:

#1. For SEO purposes, so Google picks it up initial for Image Search results, and not the other not thus necessary photos within the instruction, like chopping veggies or boiling pasta (in case you embrace them).

#2. Not for SEO but to create your readers wish to eat your dish off of their computer screens. Quite important.

  1. Do Keyword Research.

Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Keyword Planner, which is primarily identical tool with totally different layout.

In other words, using correct keywords will increase the possibilities for higher Google rankings. Include keywords among the initial part of sentences for better effect. Using post’s title in the description also supports.

  1. Proper naming for your Images.

Name your photos. Please! Don’t leave them with names converted from your camera which doesn’t mean anything for search engines. Rather name the image with the recipe’s name or consequently to what’s going on within the photo.

  1. Create correct Image elevation Tags.

Each image should have linked tag or alternative text if you are using WordPress. That’s how search engines browse pictures. This way, your photo can have higher possibilities showing up in Image Search results and resulting in more traffic to your blog. There is a shortcut and somewhat secret. If you follow the rules and do #3 properly, the Alt tags can be inserted mechanically.

  1. Instruction Link = Recipe Name.

Make it certain that the link to your instruction (permalink) contains the recipe’s title. Do not allow WordPress set it by default.

  1. Create SEO Friendly Anchor Text in Backlinks.

Anchor text are the words that are connected back to your blog, whenever your recipe is mentioned. It is essential a part of the link building = white-hat SEO = moving up in search engines. You need and need links back to your blog from different sites.

This tactic will progress your on-page SEO and boost traffic by making it stress-free for readers to browse content.

  1. Don’t just let go of Your Content.

Obviously, you want links back. When another oh-so-famous on-line publication in sharjah seo like Women’s Health Magazine, Shape or Babble asks a permission to use your instruction and image, you will be pleased. It’s your onerous work! However at same time, remember it’s your onerous work! Don’t repeat this mistake.

Allow to use your image, link back to your recipe and raise the contact person to email you the link once it’s published. Make positive that’s all you make known and obtain correct credit. Never let anyone copy your instruction and republish entirely. Like ingredients and directions.

The two troubles you might face on avoiding this are:

#1. You will get nearly no traffic and like the publication

#2. This will produce duplicate content on-line, for which Google might penalize you.

  1. Make Content simple to Share for Your Readers.

I mean social media sharing. Add sharing buttons to the top of every post, not to the very bottom. You can even add on hover Pin It button currently. If content is good, people can recognize you. But still buttons on prime are a must!

  1. Analyze Your Blog.

There are a few cool tools to assist you analyze your diary.

SEO Meta Tag Analyzer – “SEO tool to facilitate webmasters analyze their sites and Meta Tags. This search engine optimization tool analyze not solely the Meta Tags however attempt to use identical spider technology because the search engines spiders themselves.”

  1. Make External Links Open in New Window.

This is more of simply a usability tip, not so abundant SEO. But several bloggers don’t do that. Always create it open in new window by clicking on the link button and checking off the box higher than. Why? Because you don’t wish to lose your readers. Of course some will return however some won’t. And finally, it’s a pure convenience.

These tips have assisted greatly for bloggers in Dubai SEO industry. Hope these tips would assist also you in the best possible way. Happy blogging!


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