Yes, You Can Trick Your Brain And Ask It To Make Much Smarter Mistakes

Even the marketers and experts from the best SEO company in India have explored the hidden aspects of the headquarters of our body because it is the major deciding organ in every field. Your brain is the ultimate thing which decided about you. What will you do? How will you react? And what will be your final thought? This is true that your brain is like a Velcro for negative but like a Teflon for positive ones.

It is good that things seem bad to you:

Do you know that the fire alarm of your brain, devotes two-third part of its neurons to scan your  negatives? We generally notice angry faces more quickly than happy faces. This is the fact that pain teaches more faster.

When something negative happens with you, your hippocampus lays the memory down very quickly. That takes 12 full seconds to hold something positive in in order to have it laid down as a memory.

So it is very general to notice your mistakes or others sad face. You notice your boss is upset with you, you notice your audience is bored, you notice disapproval in your parent’s voice. And as we experience negativity we become less responsive and less productive.

How To Come Out Of That Negativity?

No need to come out, you should be happy that you have it. Suppose you were giving a presentation and you made a mistake in between. You would just say that you messed up and spoil your whole day but always remember that renowned personalities would have intentionally done that.


This is because the brain’s first reaction to new concepts is to accept them as correct; disbelief takes a second longer than accepting belief. While your brain is  ready for negativity, it’s also  there for positive aspects.

Always Remember that No one minds your slip ups as much as you do:

Countless studies have stated that people listen with their emotional selves as much as their rational selves. In order to hear about our own self, we need have good information and  good people also. We need to be liked, then only we will get to hear positive feedbacks about us.

Experts from SEO company Bangalore say that when you make a mistake, use it as a way to connect with people. This will make people catch you and like you for it, they’ll also be more inclined to agree with your ideas. So, next time you want to give  a presentation perfectly just do not do it, do some mistake.

One more thing if you remember which we discussed in initially was that if you want to have some good memory then you have to look at it and admire it for at least 12 seconds so if you liked something then just take out your stop watch and wait for 12 seconds. Next time you screw up anything you will feel better.


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