Make Your Employees Interact Beyond the Handshakes

The employees are the assets for any Company. The successful operation of a Company depends on the internal communication and environment of the office. In every office, we can see that employees are shaking hands, wishing each other a good morning but there is no communication beyond that. They just sit and do their work. Analytics team would give the keywords to the content writer, he would write the content and graphic designer would embed the images in that. The content would be made search engine friendly by SEOs and published.

Marketing team would do their job. During this workflow, there is hardly any communication between people. They do their part and forward to the next team. California SEO is suggesting you some ways through which you can create a better office environment and sow the seeds of communications and harmony.

#1. Increase interaction by making them work ‘together’

While it is a common work culture that employees do their work and forward it to other, it would be the next step if you make teams and ask them to work together. Tell these people to accomplish a common goal. No matter, how they do that. Give a deadline. This would make them work in collaboration and they will talk to each more.

#2. Use effective channel for communication

Employees usually use email to contact each other. Phones are the alternative means of communication. Encourage people to approach personally and talk about the subject. One-to-one communication is better than any email. This makes them see each other as personalities rather than names. When they talk to each other, they understand each other and their work too.

#3. Discourage the groups gossips

Employees bring along the college habits with them. They make groups and start gossiping about everybody and everything. This is bad for the office environment. Ask them to take lunch together and talk while breaks. It is better to talk the differences and settle the disputes.

#4. Make conversation fun

Celebrate birthdays, successes, holidays and festivals in the office. Make everyone happy and give them a reason to get up from their seats and stand together. That is not much but start of creating a successful internal communication.

#5. Make a follow-up policy

Chicago SEO Company has a perfect idea to get the conversation flowing. If your employees are not talking to each other on a personal level, make them talk on a professional level. Ask them to not just forward the work, keep tabs on the progress. A content writer would see if the graphics designer is doing justice with the content. The SEO would read the article and tell the content writer to make it interesting. The analytics team would tell them about the performance of the content. Mission Accomplished!

If you have ideas about increasing the engagement in the office, do tell us. These ideas are pretty good to start with. Hope they make your workplace better for good.


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