How to use Facebook’s New Dynamic Product Ads?

Since e-commerce has become the mainstream and people are buying more products online. Although, the products have stretched their reach and due to this expansion, the new batch of challenges have arrived for the e-commerce advertisers. As seen in SEO Ireland industry, the advertisers who seek for relevant, custom ads for their every potential customer have to face these challenges with competent strategy or may be new aspects.

Dynamic Ads on Google

To support the dynamic ads, Google was the first chief advertising platform. The process of launching dynamic ads needs the advertisers to install the Adwords remarketing tag on the entire web pages available on the website. Later, the advertisers need to create campaigns and ad groups and link them with their product feeds via company’s center. These dynamic ads consisted imagery product and pricing details.

Besides that, now Facebook has also entered into the world of dynamic ads proposing same dynamic functionality and access to its astounding audience.

Facebook’s Product Ads

Facebook launched its dynamic ads functionality during the year 2015. You will likely to see these ads on your personal Facebook account – unless you block the ads by the ad blocker.

The ads seen on Facebook comprises different tabs where you can show multiple products, however these ads can also be used to show a single product. When people upload multiple products in a single unit, then it is referred as a carousel ad.

How to get started with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads?

Here, you will find the professional steps to get started with Facebook’s dynamic ads:

First, upload your product feed – This is your step 1, and it is considered as the trickiest step for most of the advertisers. For this, you need a Business manager account. You might need the technical implementation, however, you can take help from Facebook’s full set of instructions that has been provided for catalog setup. Later, the required fields are ID, description, availability, condition, link title, image link, price and one of the following – MPN (Manufacturer Part Number), GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) or brand.

Place your pixel – For this, you will be requiring your Facebook pixel site-wide. If you don’t have then obtain one and later go to “Tools”  menu on your Facebook ads account and click on “Pixels”.

This is how you will be defining your audiences and control who will see your ad and what products they will see.

Create an ad template – Here is the process of creating dynamic ads starts. Your created template enables you to see the ads as the desktop versions or tablet or smartphone versions. These dynamic ads can appear on the news feed or on the right side of the page. Here too, you can filter who will see the ads or what products they will see.

Turn the ads on – And you are all set to launch your dynamic ad.

Advantages of Facebook’s Product Ads

The dynamic ads in Facebook can greatly increase the number of clicks and return on investment through the following advantages:

Your ads will be displayed to potential customers who were looking for those products, thus this way it increases the relevancy.

You don’t need to advertise for those who haven’t bought anything, consider these advertising as they increase the value for your business.

It is not required to create multiple ads for every product or product line, as we have observed on SEO Limerick industry.

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