Crafting a Life Proposal, with Michael Hyatt

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  1. Rainmaker FM, Michael Hyatt joins host Chris Ducker on Youpreneur lately for a candid discussion on what his latest book Living Forward is all regarding and however to form, design and fulfill a strategy for your life.

(The Importance of making a Life strategy, with Michael Hyatt)

  1. Explore the relationship between reading and powerful writing with this one.

(Want to be a tremendous Writer? Read Like One.)

  1. See how one businessperson thought like an engineer in order to acknowledge the concerns with online commerce — and why it functioned at the first place.

(To thrive as a design Marketplace, Think like an Engineer)

  1. Entrepreneur Kayla Hollatz shares her high fifteen favorite podcasts for aspiring and inventive entrepreneurs.

(Fifteen Podcasts for inventive Entrepreneurs)

  1. Has Facebook actively suppressed conservative-leaning news on the social network? If so, you may have even a lot of reasons to create the land you own, regardless of your political or commercial thoughts.

(Senate GOP Launches Inquiry into Facebook’s News creation)

  1. If you’re running a business in 2016, think with regard to Snapchat as a channel to grow your client base and engagement. Gary Vaynerchuk said throughout CES in Las Vegas that one amongst the largest benefits of Snapchat is that “It’s created from real personal instants”.

(7 Unofficial Rules of Snapchat All Marketers Need to Follow)

  1. This week on The Daily Beast, one Twitter user argues in favor of longer tweets and fewer constraints on word restrictions.

(Why Twitter makes us feel waste)

  1. Inc. reports that the C-suite is more effective and trustworthy once performing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

(Why the Best Leaders Are Social Media Savvy)

  1. According to a recent study, 7 out of ten Twitter users expect to receive a reaction from marques that they extend out to. Discover more concerning the study on Social Media Today.

(52% of Customers Expect Your Brand to Respond to Their Reviews)

  1. There is lots of evidence indicating that entrepreneurs who will take an occasion and disconnect from time to time are happier, healthier, and more productive than their stressed-out counterparts. Read what happened to one businessperson on Forbes.

(This Entrepreneur Tried to Unplug for a Week: Here’s What Happened)

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