4 Opportunities To Work Remotely From Abroad

Recently the studies by SEO company in Nashik revealed that till 2020 40% of the workforce will change into freelancers. Freelancers are the combination of the self determined and courageous people who are not meant for that 9 to 5 boring work schedule. Hence people are thinking to embrace entrepreneurship as soon as possible.

Most of the people are so busy trying to build or run their companies  that they are forgetting to to do the things of which they have dreamed about especially like traveling and exploring other places. People mostly do not think of going abroad because they feel it will hinder their companies growth.

While working remotely there are other complications too, like a steady wi-fi. You need a proper connection everywhere and one more thing is that it would even let you feel alone working remotely. But if you want to fly to places and work also then pack your bags because these companies listed here provide you with housing, flights to each location, travel insurance, networking opportunities, excellent wi-fi and best of all, a community of your people.

1.The Remote Year:

Remote Year is all set to head towards its fourth and fifth full season of travel. Seventy-five remote workers are going to visit 12 different countries, one for each month of the year. This package includes a full accommodation, travel between different destinations and a common workspace which is available all time. This company also organizes city tours, special events, and other activities.

2.Terminal 3:

Terminal 3 is going to launch on  July 1, 2016. This is going to conduct the plan to go to six different countries within six months. You also have the option to do it three months at a time. This three to six month adventure will take 30 successful applicants globally. This program is going to gear up in July where the applicants will work in Morocco. This includes full accommodation and travel between destinations, central co-working spaces at every location, get-together meals twice a week, weekly language  classes.

3.The Remote Experience:

The Remote Experience will launch its first program in June, 2016. This program comprises of four months covering four different countries and 30 remote workers. This company will take 30 successful applicants in June to Croatia and they will visit Turin in July, Italy in August, Barcelona in September. Along with all the requirements and facilities this company will also will also provide traveler’s insurance, as well as local ambassadors to guide travelers.

4.Hacker Paradise:

Similarly Hacker Paradise is also a company that organizes trips for the applicants all over the world. Thy organise the trip for developers, designers and other entrepreneurs who want to travel while working remotely and want to focus on personal projects.

Indian companies are also looking forward for such innovations and many SEO companies like SEO Nashik are considering this as just another marketing strategy.


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