What the Heck is happening to Google My Business?

Do you have your business listed in Google My Business? Is everything going right? It may be going right for you but many businesses are spamming it with fake business listings, fake addresses and hidden ones too. SEOs are abusing the free service provide by Google for small businesses to become visible on the internet. Not only bad guys are winning, Google is doing pretty much nothing to keep them in check. Here are the things that are going wrong with the Google My Business.

#1. Keywords in the place of correct Business names

So, some SEOs really take the game to the next level. No matter what they do, keywords are always present in it. Now coming to the Google My Business optimization, many businesses are using their most precious keywords in the business names. SEO Company California found out that spammers are using the city names in the business name to be visible in the local searches too. This is working well for them, they are ranking better in the search results. Even if the business name is corrected by the audience, it is switched back by the owner easily.

#2. Fake addresses

Many businesses are taking an undue advantage of this feature and they have listed their businesses franchise at various places. These places may the residential area or a hotel. Google confirms the address of the business by mailing them an ownership passcode. When someone receives them at the address and enter on the My Business page, the ownership is assigned. Any employee of the businesses would be present at these places to receive the mail and the business gets listed at these places. When you trust Google results and go to these places, you will only be disappointed.

#3. Hidden addresses

Some service area businesses do not want to disclose the head office of their business. My Business has a feature using which this information can be kept hidden. If anyone makes an edit to it, it is not visible to the other users, only Google can see them. Many spammers are using these tactics to keep their actions hidden. They would use a good ranking business listing, change the address and hide it. Now, they use this business listing for their own spammy business.

#4. No action against the spam reporting

The biggest tragedy of the Google My Business spamming is that Google is not doing much to provide a positive user-experience. When someone reports about a spam in a listing, it takes about three months to get a response. You will get a reply soon if you escalate the matter though Google help forums. Google may take down the listing from the internet but that, again, is not a fool-proof method. Businesses can reinstate the listing as soon as they notice it.

So, if you think that using My Business is good for your business, you are right, many businesses are ranking based on that but you have to fight the invisible competitors. Your competitors are the fake listings, the spam, and the spammers. According to the Chicago SEO services, it is the time Google take a strict approach towards the spammers and restore the glory of the My Business.


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