Some Bitter Truths About Content and Content Marketing

You write a content keeping your audiences in mind. You think that the content is relevant and hence it would perform well on the internet. The results are however the opposite. There is so much content on the internet and chances that your content is seen are negligible. The problem is not limited to the content creation, content marketing is equally tough. Local SEO Company In Atlanta told us that quality content is more than just a relevant one.

Search Engine Journal recently published an article and now we know exactly what are the problems that content marketing faces today. They suggest that firstly you have to know what content you are going to write and what strategies would lead you towards that. Know your goals and set the expectations right. Prepare a format for the content, its type, link building, outreach etc. Invest correct resources in the development of the content; a writer who knows about the subject and can do justice with it. Give the content its best chance to perform by aiding it with the best graphics.

It is observed that big things do not make a big difference, small ones do. Writing more is  not important but writing correctly is. Let us know some more facts about content scaling.

  1. The grammar of your content is crucial for selling. 59% of customers do not like to purchase from a brand which has bad grammar on their website. While English is a globally accepted language, some website use translation tools to translate their language into English instead of getting the content re-written. The translation tools are not a hundred percent, so they create a mess. 82% people do not like a website which translates the content badly.
  2. The grammatical errors are not limited to the websites, even if you make such mistakes on the social media, it negatively impacts your audience’s experiences. 42.5% hate grammatical errors, 24.9% do not like promotion posts and 12.8% are irritated by too many updates.
  3. Instead of having the permanent workforce, many companies are going for gig employment. A person or team is hired on-demand and given the compensation for the job.
  4. While every content is created with the intention of getting traffic, the traffic does not equal to the sales. The situation of PPC is the worst. When you spend handsomely on the Adwords, their performance is quite depressing. For every $100 spent, $1 contributes to the conversions.
  5. Marketers said that the average conversion is less than 0.5% of the traffic they receive on their website. We already know that more than 60% of shopping carts are abandoned, more than 90% people do not purchase from a website on the first visit. The statics shows the current stage of content marketing. The websites who develop content for conversions are likely to succeed.
  6. Mobile devices are the most preferred way to consume digital data; 60% to be exact. Today’s viewers spend about 30% of their time on their mobile phones.

So, these points make some things very clear. You have to focus on writing relevant content but grammatically correct one. Set your expectations right because not all of your visitors will convert, you just have to see that conversions are enough to keep the business up and running. According to the SEO services in Boston, to get conversions, you have to create your content for that, if you do not give your audiences a reason to convert, they will not. Not to mention, speed up and make your app speedy too. If you can rule your audience’s mobile screens, you can become successful.


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