SEO Myths For 2016

Here are some of the myths stated by China SEO company which are common among all the companies and these myths are increasing day by day. People should be aware of the truth behind them. Marketers are getting every simple concept wrong and this can harm them in the long run:

1.Google measures user satisfaction:

In reality Google does not know that which of your visitors are really satisfied with your content. They just come to your website and if they do not like they again go back to the Google page.

People are actually confused about user engagement and user experience. They should know that user experience is all about what you put on the page while User engagement is about what the visitor is doing on your page. Google cannot track what these people do other webpages and let you know about it.

It is not necessary that people use only Google reach a page. If your “average pageviews per visit is greater than 2 then it means that Google isn’t even driving most of the traffic to your pages. People are really focusing on these myths which are ridiculous.

2.Mobile search is replacing desktop search:

Desktop search has been forgotten but still it is strong. It is only that users have now learned to do things with their phones which they would  have not been able to do with their laptops, desktops or other devices. Mobile search are completely different the desktop searches. The web marketers are missing many opportunities by considering mobile search as an evolution.

3.Users matter more than content:

All the members have been important for the web every time .and you can never change that. It is not only the user who matters.

Hong Kong SEO states that It is absolutely wrong to suggest that users matter more than content. There is no competition between users and content. They share such  a relationship that cannot be controlled  by making one more important as compared to the other.

4.Technical SEO includes Semantic search:

Technical SEO only means providing content to the search engine.

Search engines are no more working on the semantic model. They are more interested in contexts than meanings. When a search engineer says semantic it is about something other than what you think. So, remove it from your mind

5.Content Marketing is SEO:

Real content marketing creates demand and awareness today. It was not there previously. If you are just producing content for people who already know who you are and are interested in your work, you’re just publishing content. In that case you are just a Content Publisher and this sounds much better in today’s digital world.

6.Growth hacking is better than SEO:

People liked the phrase known as growth hacking  and they decided  to describe anything by a popup page.To make growth hacking much better than search engine optimization you will have to include something about how to grow traffic.


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