10 Smart Life Hacks For tech-Savvy People

Life hacks are outlined as uncommon tips and tricks to do one thing higher or quicker. I’m a nerdy geek when it comes to deciding the way to hack my life.

The other day, I asked my entrepreneur-focused SEO in Chester, what are some of their favorite hacks. Here’s a short list of useful hacks I’ve learned, found on my own and learned:

  1. Wi-Fi passwords

Get Wi-Fi passwords for pretty much anyplace by checking within the comments section on Foursquare.

  1. iPhone zoom

iPhone pics will be of upper quality if you’re taking the image and pore on the saved version, vs. zooming in and taking the picture.

  1. Smartphone connection

If you’re in an space that ought to have service, but it’s not operating, switch your phone to airplane mode and then back to traditional. Swapping to airplane mode can root your phone to list and poster the towers in your area.

  1. Humdinger

Midomi.com helps you remember the name of the singers of the songs that are trapped in your head. You can hum or sing the lyrics of the song, and it provides you the artist. This can prevent hours of buzzing to friends, and from distracting thoughts such as, “Gosh, who is that artist!?

  1. Glow in the dark

Glow-in-the-dark paint on your phone charger will facilitate you see your charger in the dark. Ingenious, I know.

  1. Reminders

Use speech-to-text reminders on your phone to create unjust disorder lists. Have a call to build, meeting or task to accomplish? Set a reminder with day and time. I use this all of the time.

  1. Remember that

Need to bear in mind one thing within the morning? Send yourself a text, but don’t open it till the next day. I use this one too.

  1. Mindlessly network

Use the Rapportive Chrome extension to network mindlessly. While you’re using Gmail, your email contacts will show up on the correct hand sidebar. You can then send a LinkedIn invite. This is one in every of my favorite extensions. I’m not positive why a lot of individuals do not use it.

  1. IPhone charging

An iPad charger can charge your iPhone exceptionally faster.

  1. Bootstrap chef

Supercook.com will permit you to put the ingredients you have at home and tell you what dishes you can prepare using those particular ingredients.

It’s all about doing quicker, being inventive and getting your shit done correctly. If you want some more help with your website, try SEO agency Leeds. They have the best professionals in the market to help you out in any kind of marketing issue.


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