Will Available Ads on Instagram Cut-down the Organic Reach?

One of the most popular social media channel, Instagram with over 400 million active monthly users and 80 million photos uploaded daily has been moving ahead to emerge as a self-service advertising platform. With this move, this social network has drastically changed the advertising world and reduced advertisers’ cost.

As per SEO Eindhoven, the adverts at Instagram appears as the organic content, wherein click-through rates are almost double than Facebook. But have you thought, why this expansion has been arriving? Is it arriving at the cost of organic Instagram experience? And how its treats those brands who have invested hugely in building their organic reach on Instagram?

Well, we hope you will find all the answers in this post!

Is the engagement on Instagram is going down?

According to a recent study by Locowise, a social media analytics platform found that the growth rate of engagement and followers has been peaked in April 2015 before it fell to the lowest level during December 2015. That means, that organic reach is being limited on Instagram due to initiating the move of advertising.

So, we can conclude that this is the reason why adverts are integrated on Instagram because it makes sure about the positive impact. Advertising remains the only way to provide click-through rates to a particular post and as we are aware of the nature of the Instagram post, each post will be shown in full screen as users scroll through the posts available on Instagram. That means it is quite tough to ignore the ads on Instagram. Conversely, Instagram has extended the cost further along with the cost of video view.

Although Instagram has taken the advertising, but there is one thing that has not been changed – unfiltered character of Newsfeed posts. When it comes to showing posts, Facebook arranges the posts as per what it determines as the optimal experience, whereas Instagram follows the straightforward process of showing most recent post by the people you follow. Enormously, it is important for brands since they can be assured of the thing that they will be reaching active Instagram users if they post on regular basis.

Also, note that Instagram can also be a quiet platform where users are much pertinent to like the post instead of writing comments on it. In fact, around 98 percent of all engagements that exist on Instagram likes. Thus, it can be concluded that on Instagram for creating higher engagement metrics, it is not necessary to work on comments and regrams (shares). Since the position of any post will not have any impact on this activity like Facebook, although Instagram users are less concerned with the sharing process of this posts.

So, it means ads will become more prominent on Instagram? Totally! Which means, it is the end of organic reach? Not at all!

To grow on Instagram, a brand needs to really work hard like increase the number of followers, post regularly such as five times a day and continue to put efforts in creating compelling visual posts. Moreover, to attract the followers SEO specialists should experiment with short videos which would make their followers stop at your post.

So, have you prepared your plan for Instagram in 2016? Yes! Then share with us!


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