Test & Change your Facebook Ads to Improve Perform – Find How?

Tell us, when was the last time you made updates on your advertising copy like on Adwords or Facebook ads on the basis of SEO consulting you received. If you are not updating your Facebook ads or the frequency (It is the number of times the users views your ad) then it is likely going through the roof. When it comes to high frequency, it is not at all good for your returns and overall ad spend.

If you want to change the ad copy, then you should not just put the new headline and upload an image out of thin air. Instead of taking the data from your existing ads, you should work out on a better approach for preparing new ad.

In this post, we will be depicting the mechanism of preparing better ads. Alongside, we would tell you when you should change your ads and when you should stop them. Regarding this, we are going to use Facebook ads, since Facebook comprises both positive and negative feedback.

What should be your ad frequency?

The answer to this question depends on your customers’ position in the funnel i.e. first time or remarketing.

When it comes to those customers who are new to your site, make the target for the frequency of not more than two. Although it will take a while to reach a great number of shoppers, but it is considered an effectual approach. On Facebook, it is hard to overlook the frequency.

On the other hand, for re marketing ads, this frequency will stand on an upper level since these ads serve as a reminder as well. It remains as five. The reason is, for remarketing audience it is less than being wow and more than being the reminder. Additional reasons for increased frequency for re marketing ads are as follows:

Not so great amount of audience – Typically, the re marketing audience tends to comprise smaller size, especially when the audience is heavily segmented. And on a positive note, fewer people means brighter chances that people will see your ads.

Lower cost – In terms of cost, ads for re marketing tend to be cheaper. It depends on your budget plan that you have decided for your re marketing campaign, you could overspend. Therefore, drive up the frequency for these ads.

How to refresh the ads?

So how can you refresh your Facebook ads, by keeping the frequency low and performance high? Unfortunately, for Facebook ads, advertisers are not able to test the replaced ads. As per SEO Leiden, their system automatically shows those ads that perform well on the social network.

On Facebook, you can launch two identical ad sets which comprising different ad in each. That means, if you want to launch your ad, then you will likely pause and re-launch the existing ads that you desire to submit it.

How to test your Ad Copy?

Testing your ad copy is the game of statistical significance. Suppose that your winning ad gets automatically chosen in just a few days or even hours on the basis of your budget, then you’ll likely to run this scenario frequently eagerly waiting for the results. The results will be derived from tools like Visual Website Optimizer that checks whether the derived results are statistically adequate or not. You should perform this task repeatedly until you get satisfied with the results – knowing the fact that you should strive for improvements always.

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