Blog Posts Which Earn The Highest Inbound Links

Success in companies like SEO company in Jaipur is also a matter of getting genuine inbound links. If There are no such links then you are going to fall apart. Although this strategy has changed a lot and has become a lot more complicated but as you will earn more links then only you can earn more domain authority.

Links can be gathered on your posts and articles or any other content. Here are some of the blog posts which will help you to gain the highest inbound links:

1.Info graphics :

Infographics are the best form of content which draw a lot of attention of users because they are self informative. Today people are always in a hurry and they do not have time to read long articles. They consider it just the wastage of time. Hence the more visual is your content the more it will gain recognition and inbound links. If your infographic goes viral it will earn thousands of links for your brand.


Videographics are more like infographics and they have more impact on the user’s. If your video graphics are interesting and catchy then it will automatically attract the users as . Auto playing videos like in facebook news feeds are more valuable as they do not need sound to explain themselves. They contain relevant texts which tell the whole story.

  1. Interviews:

Interviews have a more intense impact on your audience. You can be the interviewer or the interviewee both can make use of the final product. If you are the interviewer then your audience will look that how much efforts you are putting in giving them the best of all because conducting interviews means delivering the genuine information direct from the person. If you are the interviewee then people will be attracted towards your information you are providing to other people.

4.List Posts:

List posts are easy to digest therefore they are more famous as stated by SEO company in Gurgaon. People like to read those posts which contain points and illustrations or top things, top ways for doing something. They can just quickly go through the headings and will understand everything. They do not want to waste their time in reading big posts full of paragraphs and heavy words.

Strong opinion posts:

Strong opinion posts means those posts which have some unique thought and compel the reader to read it. When you are keeping a strong opinion in front of others then your topic should be well researched and properly studied. It should be more debatable in order to attract more attention and discussion.


Provide reviews for your products which are genuine because people like to read them before going for the product. So, if not on all products then at least some of the products should have reviews stated for them.

These were the main blog posts which should cover your blog unless it will suffer because today the demand is this and you have to come up to the expectations of the user.


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