The Special Approach of SEO for Travel Industry

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main component of any industry’s marketing plan in today’s date. But when we talk about travel industry, it’s unconditionally important. SEO services UAE are flourishing day by day in the travel industry. As per the latest reports given by tourism government, online search engines actually dominates the entire travel industry as every two out of three leisure traveler use internet to find out the best option to travel.

It won’t be wrong to say that the internet has transformed the tourism industry by giving travelers access to better choices, better deals, extra supple plans and a wealth of media planned to immerse them in the destination completely before they actually get there.

This swift, unpretentious and suitable travel organization is a great step towards the development of the industry, but it has also changed travel into one of the greatest extremely reasonable vocations, demanding particular, industry-centered optimization approaches. To subsist, industries are required to attain an indulgence about what consumers are looking for and also to understand how they can control internet search tools to make the most of not only customer traffic on their site, but also to the destination itself.

But when it comes to SEO, it’s not sufficient to depend on the content rich with keywords. As per SEO companies in Ajman, on-page content is very imperative, but there are many other back-end elements to contemplate, comprising title tags, Meta tags, image optimization, internal link structure etc. And as of lately, social media is also considered as one of the most influential element affecting the Google ranking.

Furthermore, Google turned out a new-fangled feature that intensely moves search results. Businesses can now claim Google Place Pages that permit them to corroborate and complement their business information, including products, pictures, video files, hours of functioning and much more. These Place Pages not only take up a main chunk of the first page, but they also wrench in evaluations—both good and bad—from numerous sources. Google planned Place Pages to benefit customers make well-versed choices where to go, but now it’s further significant than ever before for businesses to make the most of their online occurrence.

Some of the stats which would further help you to understand the importance of SEO in travel industry are:

  •         95% of natural clicks come from page one of Google
  •         One out of five Google searches are related to site
  •         The number one spot on Google search results gets twice the traffic as the number two spot, and the second through fifth spots joined
  •         41% of searches unproductive after the first page decide on to improve their keyword search phrase or their chosen search engine.

·         80% of totally unproductive searches are tracked with keyword modification

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