Hiring Freelancers Is No More A Hush Hush Affair

Earlier when people used to hire freelancers they never mentioned to their clients that they are using their help. The reason was simple that this represented the immaturity of the company as stated by SEO services Philippines.

But the study today reveals that:

  • There are around 53% freelancers in the US and they are increasing rapidly.
  • Around 65% of freelancers reported that freelancing was a more reputed career path.
  • 85% of organizations are outsourcing their work to freelancers today.

After going through this study it is clear that freelancing is no more a matter of secrets or immaturity. Infact hiring freelancers has led to many benefits to the companies and the clients also understand that as it indirectly affects their work.

Businesses are more inclining towards freelancing because they are cheaper, have expertise in any one field, they accept any kind of job and are quite flexible.

Why Freelancing agencies:

1.Experts are available :

Whenever you are in a business you have different departments and to manage all of them you need experts. Nobody is perfect in everything, everybody has his own potential. Hence freelancers are the best option in this case. According to SEO Cagayan De Oro they are experts in their own field. You can ire them at reasonable rate and get your work with expertise.

There are projects and certain jobs which you are not aware of. So, in this case also you can suddenly reach out to the freelancers. You can even tap into the freelancer community of your client to get the desired work done in their way.

2.No boundations:

When you go ahead to hire any agency for your project you are bound in their limits and rules. There are certain policies which you have to follow which the agency might have set before starting the project. It might also take time to  consider you as their client.

So, hiring an agency means locking yourself in the boundaries of expenses and rigidity. Incase of freelancers there are no such boundations. There work is flexible and so are they. You can ask them anytime to increase or decrease the work according to you.

3.The right fit:

There are times when the people in your team or your employees are not fit for a particular job. For example your writer, designer or developer do not understand a certain project then instead saying them sorry and hiring someone new in front of them you can dive into the freelance world. You will definitely find the right fit.

Companies are now understanding the importance of freelancing especially because of their reasonable cost. But nowadays cost is not only the factor but the above factors are also equally important in considering freelancers more than the hush hush affair.


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