What to Change your Domain Name? – First Follow these Steps to Save SEO

Shifting your website to a completely new domain can be apprehensive with several SEO issues, even without implementing any designing or CMS migration process. Many digital marketers in SEO Company kansas know that if the practice of redesigning and migration is not handled properly, then it turn into a catastrophic.

During migration you have to cross various glitches starting from technical issues to downfall in your URLs, you will be losing your search equity, traffic numbers and rankings. However, you must have thought that this process should be much easier, right? Well, let us tell you that this process is actually simpler, but there are some things which can go wrong. And for this, you need to work out.

In order to work out for those necessary things, you should adopt a particular criteria of your which should work according to the following steps:

First of all, contact your hosting provider – Before making any changes to your domain names, you need to prepare a thorough plan comprising every step in detail. After that, you can call your hosting provider and make your switch after their guidance.

Verify your new domain with different versions in Google Search ConsolePeople always forget to do this. And you must apply this step, before you pull the trigger of your domain name. Check your new domain along with each version in Google search console, to make sure that in future everything will go fine.

Make changes in WordPress address settings – If you are using WordPress for your website, then don’t forget to change your domain name in your WordPress settings as well. Alongside, if multiple installs are running on your website, then its your responsibility to change the domain name in all of them.

Keep Backup of your website before you initiate your move – It is highly recommended to keep the backup of your entire site. You can ask your hosting provider to do this task. The backup will include all your WordPress installs and databases. This process can be implemented quickly and also save you some of the serious headaches.

Submit your new address in Google Search Console (GSC) and Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT) – Once you are done with all the above steps, make sure that you submit your new address in both Google Search Console (GSC) and Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT). With this move, it would be declared officially that you have made changes in your address by Google and Bing.

Edit your Google Analytics Settings and Include Annotations – Another move, which webmasters forget easily. In your property and view settings of Google Analytics, ensure that you have changed the domain name. In case, you have not changed, then you reporting can be immensely impacted when you will make a move towards your new domain. This step is important to implement, and it will not take your long time.

Switch to Advanced Settings in Google Search Console – Each site in GSC contains different settings and for some sites GSC allows the webmaster to have customized settings. For this situation, it is suggested by the SEO services miami to apply advanced settings in GSC for your new domain name.

Connect up Google Search Console and Google AnalyticsAfter connecting the Google analytics and Google search console you can see your landing page, query and geographic data directly on Google analytics which is derived from Google search console. If you will not connect both of these tools, then GSC will remain linked to your old domain, which means you would not see the data of your new domain.

After this brief introduction of some essential steps, we recommend you to research hard about these steps if you are seriously planning to change your domain name.

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