Tools for Automating your E-commerce Marketing on Twitter

SEO Companies believe that Twitter is an ideal stage, where you can promote your content and attract more audience. But after all the SEO practices, we don’t find ant spare time to work on Twitter, right?

Luckily, we have some automated tools that help us to supplement our social media presence, alongside provide assistance in saving time and boosting the social media activities. So, here we are providing the list of automation tools for your Twitter activities. These tools identify the right time to tweet, schedule your posts, provides relevant content ideas publishes the posts across the spectrum of social networks.


It schedules publishes and analyzes your posts. You can easily add your content to the queue by using a browser extension or a smartphone app. This tool helps you to post on twitter as well as other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


By using this tool, you can boost your social media productivity. You can perform bulk tweets uploads and alternative text options with this tool. Schedule your posts for hours, days or weeks. Integrate your blog and social media posts automatically.


Tweroid suggests you the best time to tweet. It performs analysis for both your tweets and your follower’s tweets and shows optimal time for user engagement. It can analyze up to 1000 of your followers.


This tool feeds your content to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and it is also considered as an RSS tool. Through this automation tool, you can bring your content to the wider audience and check the performance based on real-time stats.


While executing other things, Twilert lets you monitor your twitter activities. It sends real-time alerts via email when any of the followers mentions your brand name, hashtags or keywords. Make sure that you have selected the keywords that are related to your brand and competitors.


SNAP stands for Social Networks Auto Poster. It works as a free plugin for WordPress that automatically publishes your posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more.


This tool works for your automated marketing in order to build your followers’ spectrum. If you want to identify the relevant audience, then add keywords related to your brand. Once you have defined your targeted audience, Narrow will start its process by connecting and engaging with relevant users. Moreover, Narrow checks your keywords’ performance and recognizes those which are working well on social networks.


With this tool, you can manage several Twitter accounts at one place, along with several other tools to automate your social processes. ManageFlitter helps you find out when most of your followers are online and you can schedule your tweets. In order to accelerate the engagement, you can also identify relevant people on the network. It is observed in the world of SEO Arnhem, that automating your processes on social media impacts your growth excessively.


It is a well-established platform to manage your social media activities. This tool can help you scheduling messages for future publishing, tracking your efforts, and monitoring what your audience is saying. You can target your posts and share them with the customers that are filtered on the basis of location, language and demographic details. Also, it provides content suggestions that might interest your followers.


An automation tool for organizing, reading and sharing your content which comprises relevancy with your brand. It embraces a range of features such as tracking any news related to your brand or product, monitoring your competitors by plugging in Google Alerts.


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