Site Speed Matters! Why is it required to improve site speed soon?

I love pizza! Do you like it? You know what is the reason? Because the delivery guy delivers its fast to my home. But suppose if he starts taking a long time to arrive, will my favoritism be same for Pizza? No, I would prefer to eat something else which would be easy to get, right? I guess you will do the same in this situation!

Here, we want to say that speed actually plays an important role when it comes to user experience and the same criteria goes with the digital user experience. According to SEO Company Orlando, users prefer to land on the site which loads fast, but not on the one which takes time to load.

Why is site speed important?

As per our working principles, we see user experience as the top priority for any website running over the internet. After all, you top ranking doesn’t make any sense if your site is not providing great user experience!

In our content-driven world, site speed is believed to be a critical aspect in order to increase the digital presence. That is why now Google Analytics have included site speed into its statistics.

Thus, we can say that site speed matters more than ever before. Further, you will see the reasons described in detail.

User Experience

There might be the situation that you have abandon a page when it takes too long to load, isn’t it? Your visitors, clients might be doing the same. The visitors over the web expect a fast user experience and if they don’t get it, they get off on the page. So you can understand that no one has time or patience to wait for a page to load, they would rather prefer to take a switch.

Adwords Quality Score

Most of the webmasters are not aware of this fact, that your site speed actually has an impact on your quality score. Its quite obvious that people are more likely to convert on fast loading pages, but here it is more to it. Google also sees site speed as a key component of your landing page experience, which directly relates with your quality score. That means the better your site perform on speed, the better your quality score will be.

Better Site Speed = Better Quality Score = More Efficient Spend = More Reach

Organic Rankings

Site Speed is considered as one of the important ranking factors. In fact, it has become the part of Google’s ranking algorithms applied to both desktops and mobile versions. Therefore, creating a better optimized page will assist you in acquiring better rankings on the search engine results page. Although we don’t mean that fast load times will provide you rank #1, but surely it will make to have an advantage.

Make your Site Speed Score Now

Do you know, how does Google evaluates the speed of your site? Google applies a metric which is named as Page Speed Score. The scores vary in between 0 – 100 points. Indicating that, the better site performs, the higher score you will receive for your page.

According to Google, if your web page has scored 85 or above, then you will hit the Google’s list of well-performing sites. Phoenix SEO Company states that the best part of Page Speed Score, that it is completely transparent, comprising no hidden elements.

So what’s your Page Speed Score?


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