Test Your Mobile Versions Performance and Loading Speed…

2016 is believed to be the year of mobile apps and mobile sites. Earlier, you try to give your best in improving your site speed and implementing a responsive wed design, but this year has come up with a different focus which is named as – speed of your mobile site and its overall performance. Previously, we shared the free tools that can assist you in checking and improving your website speed as suggested by Orlando SEO Services, and in this post we will be sharing important details on how you can test the loading time for your mobile site.

Thus, test the mobile version of your website with following process and make sure that you isolate the reasons that are slowing down your mobile site.

In case, you are wondering why you need to focus on the speed of mobile site, then here is our take on the same subject. From the past one year, we at 10seos have observed that not only users but business associates have diverted their interest towards mobiles phones. Most of the time, they read, download or surf in their phones instead of switching on their laptops. On the other hand, when it comes to website’s speed many times people just get off from the page because it takes lots of time to load. However, on mobiles the site speed takes less time in load, but that is the case when you have not optimized your website. Thus, nowadays it is becoming essential to have mobile version and it should loads fast and delivers impeccable performance.

Further, we have mentioned few websites that checks the loading speed of your mobile site. These websites holds a good starting point for your practices to be implemented for your mobile site optimization. Besides this, you should also check your Google Analytics data in order to determine how much time your site takes to load and what the bounce rates of your mobile readers is?

So here are the sites which checks your mobile site’s loading time:


GTMetrix is the speed testing tools that checks the site loading in Android devices. By creating a free account on GTMetrix and working on the dashboard, this tool can help you to evaluate the loading time with ease. Currently, this feature has been placed in beta test and only perform the checking process for Android devices. Thus, we can conclude it is good stand to check how your mobile site is performing on android devices.

Page Speed Insights

The official speed testing tool introduced by Google. It not only tests the loading time for your site’s mobile version but it also evaluates the overall performance running over the mobile platform. Accessing Google’s Page Speed Insight, you will also be benefitted with improvement suggestions, which will highlight those things that need you attention and require to be perfect. For this, you have to run a speed test with this tool and check the performance of your site. This According SEO New York, Google’s tool especially targets the developers who develops your site and make it work efficiently in every manner.

For now, these two tools work outstandingly. However we will be updating out list soon!


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