R.I.P. Facebook Marketing

Social media representation and promotion is very important for your business. It is a sure way to reach to audiences and get their feedback. It is considered as the best platform to announce and the message is amplified within no time. While social media is still the best way to earn audiences in less time, Facebook is not the same. It is remotely not the social platform that you want to gain right kind of audiences. Trusting the best SEO consultant, relying on only Facebook as the social platform is a recipe for failure. Let us convince you more with the reasons that Facebook is not the perfect platform for business that it used to be.

#1. Your audiences are losing interest in Facebook

Facebook has been in the game for a long time and now people are losing interest in it. Many accounts have been inactive for months just because Facebook is partially replaced by the messaging apps. These apps are more convenient for one-to-one conversations; which is exactly what audiences want. The people who used to create a hype, who were cool and trendsetters are no more on Facebook. It is used only for chatting and announcing that you are sick. People are now taking a little interest in what is happening around and who is reaching to you.

#2. Organic is a dream

While most of the businesses out there are posting on facebook, it has accumulated a lot of content, content which is more than what your audiences can absorb. As such Facebook is deciding what to feed audiences and what not to. This decision is affected by the weight in your pocket. Big businesses are spending handsomely to guide Facebook to display their posts. If you are not one of these businesses, getting organic traffic is a dream. Ads, however, is another thing. Facebook advertisements are still up and running.

#3. Variety vs. Interest

Variety is the key to healthy life and same goes for the Facebook newsfeeds too. Facebook is not showing time-based posts, rather, it is showing the posts with which users interacted before and showed interests. Whether you are one of these posts or not, you are sure to fail. If you are not one of these, there are less chances that you will ever make to the homepage of your audiences. If you are one of their interest, how much do you think they will take your corporate posts before they unlike? Either way, you are at a loss.

#4. There is no sieve to separate fake accounts

There are a lot of fake accounts on Facebook. While you think that you are targeting your audiences right, you are actually not. It has become very hard to find your genuine audiences on facebook. You will not get any likes or comments from these fake accounts and as such reach to the real fans is hindered.

Facebook can still be used for social outreaches but not as one and only platform. For advertisement purposes, it is still the best. For getting organic traffic, turn to somewhere else. You can try these emerging social platforms and messaging apps to make a contact with audiences. Google play store ads and in-app ads can be used to draw audiences to your app. As for Facebook, many SEO services think that it is time to let it rest in peace.

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