‘Outsource Marketing’ may not Work If…

While outsourcing marketing has many benefits for a brand, the relationship may be strained by the communication gap and misunderstanding. Top 10 SEO Agencies gave us the instances when hiring a digital marketing agency becomes a big mistake that not only cost your fortune but reputation too.

#1. The digital marketing agency is not the perfect fit

Sometimes, you hire the best marketing firm out there only to find out later that the two of you do not have a sync. While you are a small enterprise looking for gaining audiences who convert, the agency may specialize in increasing the outreach. As such, you would expect something and they would deliver something else. You would think that they are not doing the work potentially while they are doing everything they usually do. As such, you will achieve your goal in even more time.

#2. You hired the cheapest one

Cheap may not be the best for you. If you are on a budget, do not jump on the first agency that you visit. It is better to talk to three or four agencies and then decide which agency have talented and inspired people. Even if you have to go a little out of the budget, hire a firm with a good review, one which has already helped successfully many businesses to reach their goals. If you hire the cheapest one, it would cost you, even more, when you fail.

#3. The relationship is money-oriented

Well, it starts with money but should not continue on it. For some agencies, the clients are just orders that they have to complete to get the money. When they work for a business with less money to spare on marketing, they would just depreciate the quality of service provided. As such, they would give more time and resources to the brand which is offering a good money and less to the brand which is little tight on budget. You should not hire such a firm because they are the perfect ingredient to fail in marketing.

#4. There is no bridge between the agency and the brand

The communication gap arises when brands leave the agency to do their work. They do not ask for feedback or any regular reports. The outsource marketing cannot work this way. The two of them should draw a clear contract at the start only, that states the frequency at which both of them meet and exchange the progress. There should be a person who would act as a link between the brand and the agency. Thus, the brand is always updated about what the agency is doing and the agency would know what the brand wants.

#5. Brand leaves everything on the agency doing nothingTweet: http://ctt.ec/raEO5+

The biggest blunder that a brand can do is leave the marketing solely to the agency and not do anything on their own. This is the reason their ties with the agency is estranged because they expect too much. The best marketing practice is one when a brand does the marketing and use agency to amplify the message. According to SEO services Companies, working together as a team is what achieves success.



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