Link Drill: Linking is not Enough, get it Recognized

So, you have a considerable amount of links down your pocket, you are ready to get promoted to a better search engine rank. Does it happen as quickly as you expect? Certainly not, Rome was not built in a day and so you have to have patience and positivity. What if you could actually escalate the link recognition process? What if you could tell Google to hurry up? Well, you surely can. Let us discuss in detail.

Quality matters

We have stated this fact before that if your link comes from an authoritative site, it is recognized faster because Google indexes these sites faster as compared to others and thus the process of link rewards gets accelerated.

Google is slow

This may come as a surprise but according to Best Seo Company In Boston, Google is really slow in recognizing a link. It takes months to get a rank improvement with a link because that is the time that it takes to show up in Google’s database. The indexing of sites are regular but the database is updated less often. To be exact, the update happens once or twice a month. So, if you think that you will get results within days, you will be disappointed.

The site architecture

It is always advised that you adopt a deep hierarchical architecture for your website and that is because it helps Google bots to index your site more efficiently. The bots only follow a definite number of links in a page, if you have a link from a site that does not have a deep architecture and your link is ranking above position #50, you have to wait a lot until you become lucky.

Sure ways to Get your link recognized

  1. If you are going to collect links by commenting on a blog, make sure that you are among early comments, this ensures that your link gets indexed fast. Do not go for old pages that already have a lot of comments. Your link would be as good as nothing.
  2. If you manage to reach to the page or article as soon as it is created, there are better chances to get the link affiliated. You will get to site faster than Google bots and when they index the page for the first time, they do it more deeply.
  3. Another excellent method is pinging. You can actually tell Google that there have been some new changes in a page or website which need to be indexed. Various tools are available online that helps to contact search engines to get the page crawled and indexed faster. Now the time that Google takes is days instead of months.
  4. Social bookmarking is another great method that can help you with flash link indexing. They are the links from highly crawled sites like StumbleUpon.

Whatever you do, just do not sit relaxed thinking that you cannot do anything for link indexing. SEO needs constant efforts and so does link building. Keep a track of all the links that has been indexed and that are not. Atlanta SEO suggests that in order to improve your search visibility with the use of backlinks, ignite the process and make everything happen faster, at least, before your competitors.


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