Cyber Security : Small Businesses Need To Check

Cyber security has become an important issue to discuss because of the rising threat of the online hackers who know all the tactics to  transfer your money online or hack your whole website. Chicago SEO services say that as the mobile users are increasing companies have shifted their ways of computing to cloud computing and because of this also the risk of hacking has become more real.

Big businesses know that how can they protect their secrets but the major problems lies with the small businesses. Mostly because they do not have the proper assets and resources hence making them an easy target to hackers and professional online criminals.

Here are a few but wonderful ways to check your online security if you are a small business owner:

1.Create a written security policy:

As you are a small business owner you are well aware that people are not much aware of the security policies and the modern threats. So, it is your duty to let the people know about cyber security. Tell them or get a written notice printed stating that what should they do when their device is stolen or whether personal data is allowed to be there on their office system. Also make sure that whether they can carry the official data on their personal devices like their cell phones or not.

Share the written document with all the policies with your employees and let them know the growing threats of cyber hacking and other online malicious activities.

2.Stronger passwords:

Best SEO company in Dallas reported that small business owners take the issue of security very lightly. They think that who is going to hack their account or site anyways. But you never know that who is keeping an eye on you. Once you enter into this online world you need to be very vigilant right from the scratch.

The biggest and the most silly mistake what these business owners do is keeping small passwords. If the passwords is small and less than 8 characters then it is weak and anyone can hack it anytime.

Your password should be 12 characters long with upper, lower, numerics and and special characters in between. Then only your account will safe.

  1. Keep your data encrypted:

Hackers can attack your system anytime and you cannot keep them out of your system every time. So, keep your data encrypted which means use bitlocker to get your data encrypted if you are working on Windows and if you are working on MAC then use FileVault. These tools convert the data into unreadable data which the hackers cannot decrypt easily. In this way the data in your system will be secured and remain safe.


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