Things You Did Not Know About SEO

We have come very far in SEO. Several new techniques and updates have made this strategy very important for every business and we have already discussed about it a lot. SEO Portland states that still there are some misconceptions related to SEO among people which are not allowing them to raise their business to its peak.

Here is the list of things which you did not know about SEO:

Viral content is not that important as you think:

People think that they should invest in big things which go viral soon and hence they will be able to rank on the top. But this strategy is not that useful. Unique content is still relevant and has the greatest importance. Viral content is rare and you cannot predict that what kind of content people are going to like when. Especially for local, brick and mortar business chasing viral content is just a waste of time and money.

Bad SEO is bad:

As long as your updates and tweaks produce quality results and help the end user Google will not harm you. Use quality content and link back to quality enriched sites and enjoy the benefits. You can use black hat techniques if you are not able to gain good traffic easily but always make sure that your approach is for the user.

Duplicate is not that harmful:

Earlier you used to be worried about the duplicate content when someone else used your content on their site. But California SEO company says that now the scenario is not that critical you can also use duplicate but relevant content by using canonical tags while republishing it on your site. If any other site is using your your content your content then you can still report them but you need not worry about the Google terms and conditions.

Incoming links are not always beneficial:

People think that the more they get incoming links it will be good for their business. This is absolutely true but as quality is better than quantity this strategy is harmful also. It is harmful when the incoming links are not related to your niche. So, make sure that you get links from relevant sites only.

You can become your own SEO expert:

You will need SEO for your business every time and hiring an SEO is good because they know all the technicalities about it. But it does not mean that you cannot do your own SEO. You just have to learn some tools and you are  your own SEO expert.

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