3 Lessons J.K. Rowling Teaches About Sales Opportunities

J.K. Rowling has been one of the most famous authors of all times especially because of her story of a very special boy named ‘Harry Potter’. Recently she was rewarded as the most influential author on Reader’s Legacy. What has made J.K. Rowling so influential and how has she set up an example of building sales opportunities? All the answers lie here in this article.

Here are 3 lessons taught by her which every entrepreneur, CEO or businessman should know in order to build his or her sales:

1.Opportunities do not come to you, you have to find them:

J.K. Rowling as we all know is the best author with the best and creative ideas but how did she start with all of this is that she never waited and sat at one place. She was a single mother and was not able to make her ends meet. This was the time when she thought of this boy with magical potentials and decided to write about him. So, she grabbed this opportunity to write as she had to do something in order to earn.

Similarly, according to SEO Miami you have to find out that when can you create the leads and seize the moment in sales.

2.Trying should never stop:

It is not necessary that you will achieve success the very first time. Harry potter was rejected by 12 publishers before it was finally printed. This means that Rowling tried 12 times and she did not admit that she would fail.

Similar is the case with sales. Many Nashville SEO say that when you are trying to sell something it is possible that potential customers do not like your sales strategy or your product and might reject you. But this does not mean that you are left with no more options. You should keep trying by updating your strategies till you get your customers.

3.Your Customers are your biggest opportunity:

J.K. Rowling is famous today not only because of her creative and unique work but because of her fans too. The audience who liked her book till the end form the major part of her success. A sales person should also keep this in mind that every word from his or her mouth will affect the audience. You should try to know your audience and work with them Once you will care about them they will also care about you.


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