Need the Best Industry Expert? Get Ready to Find Needle in a Haystack

Finding the best industry expert for your brand is no less than a challenge. When you set out in search of them, you meet many self-proclaimed experts who have spent a little time in the industry and now they think that they know it all. You have to shield yourself from such ‘Experts’. The need of industry thought leaders is inevitable, they increase the customer engagement to almost double. People know these experts and they trust their verdict more than yours. It is very tough to find an authoritative and popular thought leader of your industry. According to Top SEO Firms, you have to put your search under microscopic view for finding a trusted industry expert. Let us tell you the signs of a leading industry expert.

Sign #1. He talks about improvement

Having knowledge about a subject is just not enough, you have to implement it in good work, you have to try to make the world a better place to live in. Industry experts always can be seen talking about how making small changes can bring a revolution in your niche. They can be spotted at some conference, online forums and even in the park nearby your house. It is not necessary that you find them only sitting at the comfort of their homes or air-conditioned offices.

Sign #2. He ignites thoughts and discussions

While the expert is himself ready to bring the change, he always inspires others too for doing the same. He does not hesitate in speaking his heart out loud. He does not care what people think about his views but he always makes the best use of his freedom to speech. As such, he is often surrounded by controversies. Many people would not like him but a lot more will follow him blindly.

Sign #3. He is a people’s person

As opposed to the self-proclaimed Gurus of the industry, the genuine industry expert is affiliated by the people. When many people seek advice from a person and follow his instructions and ideologies to the core, he becomes an expert. When you find such an influential person who is admired by a huge crowd of people belonging to your niche, you have found your industry expert.

Sign #4. He is discoverable on the internet

When people appreciate you, Google does too. It is a law of SEO that getting people’s votes establishes your good image in the eyes of search engine and that means good rankings in the search results. Go online and search for the industry experts of your niche. The profiles which rank higher are probably the best out there.

Sign #5. He has important insights of future

An expert not only has knowledge about what is being done and what is going on, he has important insights about what needs to be done too. He knows the effects of different strategies on future and he has solutions for future problems too. He believes in hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

Expertise is not defined by the designation or age, it comes with the power of thoughts, knowledge and determination. Some experts learn from the life experiences while some learn from experiences of others. What matters the most is to analyze whether or not, he is the one that you have been looking for. For most of the SEO Companies, finding the right industry expert is as difficult as finding a needle in the haystack.


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