What rules in the world of SEO: Content or a strategy?

As they say “content is king” in SEO and we can certainly put concise with that. Ask the market strategists and they have all to say that content plays a vital role in SEO. In most SEO practices from technical optimisation to content, this has taken a stand in all aspects. Today, content hold more values than anything else in an SEO company.


As we all know that digital marketing is a strong interconnected field that has changed all the parameters in the past years. It has evolved widely from being nothing to grabbing a place in our daily lives. A lot of different web strategies affect each other in quite a crucial way. Content has the power to affect other web strategies where Search Engine optimisation (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) are two different strategies of digital marketing.


What role does content play?


In many SEO campaign the contribution of content is undeniable and it is primary for any SEO campaign to succeed.


  1. Indexable Pages: When you produce more content it means you are ingesting more indexable pages to your site. We all know that in any business quantity does not play a severe role as much as quality. Quality is anyway important for the product to make its market presence. As you know if you keep stuffing your content that is not meeting quality you may not rise in rankings also. Getting quality content is what the web is looking for?
  2. Perceived Authority: When you increase the quality of your website by putting quality content, Google’s perception of your authority will automatically increase. Maintaining a consistent high quality content will give you reward points from Google and your website may rank in the top lists.

How relevant content matters?


In order to provide contextual relevance to your pages, content is important. With the semantic search of Google that analyses the natural meaning of the languages of pages on high priority than the keywords, relevant content came out to be pivotal making all the presence.


  • Interlinking: Content aids in interlinking your website with the authorised websites to draw traffic. It could also be said that how close your pages are linked, the higher will be the authority.


  • Inbound links: In order to rank in search engines, inbound links are quite crucial. They are the external indicators of the authority of your brand. You can also build these links but earning them naturally adds more points. Produce the content that people would like to naturally link to.


  • Off site publishing opportunities: Content does a lot more in linking you to the outside world. It is an add-on to your services and products that help you building a network. By having a content that is quality approved and unique may help in distributing your content to multiple channels.


Even the big SEO companies understand the vital importance of content in SEO, where SEO company in Israel and SEO Haifa are laddering up to make their content more interactive that can engage user attention.

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