Images are Essential, But How Many?

Every SEO expert like SEO company Orlando, marketer or advertiser suggests that images should be there in your blog posts. Even you also think that if you want your website to grow images are essential to grab more and more traffic. If you are a marketer then you must have come across clients you are very fond of images and visuals and ask you to put as many as you. On the other hand, you also have clients who do not demand many images. So, you work according to the. But what is the actual no. of images needed to put on a blog spot? No one is clear about this.

Researchers say that more images increase your user engagement but to be more clear about this fact this data was mostly based on Facebook results. If it is a social media platform then it is, of course, more oriented towards images and other visuals but people confuse=se it with blogs and websites also. Engagement of users on Facebook simply means a like or a share but on blogs it means reading and commenting too.

Another research said that if you use people’s photos then also it will attract more users as they keep gazing at your blog posts more. But again the question arises here, is only looking at pictures the real outcome of a blog? No, not at all.

So, to find out the exact no.of pictures on a blog post, number of studies and researches are carried out regularly and one of them states that the prominent blogs use an average of 3.2 images per post. This means using one image after 350 words for long posts.

Let us look at a couple of experiments done by various marketing experts and companies like SEO company Orlando:

1.One post has image other does not:

Many experts carried out an experiment in which they used two posts with same topic but on on different websites. On one post they used a catchy featured image while on the other there was no image. The results were surprising as they stated that the blog without images comprised of four times more traffic than the blog with the image.

2.One post has less images and the other has many images:

Research say that the post with 13 images was more popular as compared to the post with 2 images. While the post with highset time on the page had only one image.

These studies and researches make it clear that no. of images on your post can’t be decided by someone else, you have to work on your own decisions. Let your personal views flow in and you should work accordingly.

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