Also Include Snapchat in Your 2016 Marketing Plan – Here’s Why?

Snapchat, this name brings curiosity to almost all the millennials out there. The curiosity to check what their near and dear ones have shared the latest. The tagline of this amazing social media platform ‘Life’s best when you live in a moment’ itself throws a never fading impact on anyone who comes across it.

This social media platform was developed four years ago and till now it has been able to attract a hell lot of population of this ‘online freak’ world. The outstanding and different ways provided by Snapchat are still gaining more and more users day by day. You can share your story of each and every moment with your family and friends and this creates an attachment with this platform. Every now and then someone or the other is ready with their story and the viewers are eager to know it all. Especially, the millennials enjoy the most of it. Reports from Kansas city SEO company state that millennials occupy the largest audience space on Snapchat.

How is Snapchat helpful in marketing?

Now, let us discuss how this fun and entertainment based app helping the marketers. In Feb 2016 Snapchat came up with their strategy which has proved really advantageous to many brands and businesses. As we know today all social media platforms have grabbed the attention of almost all the brands for marketing, so, how can Snapchat lag behind? Snapchat had introduced their paid ad strategy earlier which was beneficial for big brands but the small brands were not able to afford the budget of these paid ads. So, help these emerging brands, make the space in the online market Snapchat introduced on demand Geofilters. It is one of the affordable paid strategies as it starts from the lowest price of $5. This price increases according to the length and time of the geotargeted area.


As the price of this new advent is low hence even the budding businesses can make use of this opportunity and come up. Kansas city SEO company states that over 60% of users regularly generate content on Snapchat. While the rest find viewing those videos and images more comfortable, rather than posting anything. Snapchat’s Geofilters give a spark to users to check what all geofilters are available related to the place they have visited. This gives users a reason to open the app and capture the moment.

Industrial events:

Not only from an individual point of view, but, these on demand geofilters have helped many industries and brands to build up their logos related to any event and then propagated their business. Suppose your company has organised an event then these geofilters will make the attendees curious to share their images accompanied with your brand’s logo and this will connect thousands of other audience too.

Holidays and fun:

If your company is organising some campaign or trip then these geofilters will help you the best in marketing. Turn those cultural moments into snapchat campaign and spread the message across the world. Like The National Donuts Day.


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