Why We Do not Talk About ‘Bookmark’ Audience?

Search traffic and social media traffic; these are the only two important sources of getting audiences nowadays. We do not consider targeting the audiences which have already bookmarked our page. So, is it not worth creating content for them? Let us see the reasons given by Top 10 SEO Agencies why bookmarking is nearly dead.

#1. Googling is easier

When it comes to searching something that people frequently do, they rely on Google more than the dedicated websites on that subject. It seems better to them to Google search about the subject than to search the bookmarked site. Anyhow, Google displays more relevant results because of the intent matching algorithm.

#2. 1 out of 10 bookmarked website is visited

People keep forgetting that they have bookmarked some website. Whenever they feel the need to search about a subject, they would rather Google search it. They put a bookmark in the first place because the article which they have read was interesting but that does not mean that rest of the articles would be the same qualitative. Thus, even if they visit a bookmarked website the second time, the probability is high that they delete it this time.

#3. Managing bookmarks is tough

Firstly, you forget that you have bookmarked a page and secondly, finding a bookmark while in need is very tough. You want to reach to your facebook, Gmail, Maps, Skype, etc at one click and all the other websites are secondary and you put them in folders. While you need to search for a particular subject, you would prefer quick Google search to the bookmark search.

#4. One option is never enough

Moreover, while you actually visit the bookmarked website, it is not the only place that you search for the topic. You would surely Google it to get a large number of options to confirm and to gather enough knowledge. So, when you are not satisfied with a single result, why to bother bookmarking.

When does bookmarking actually works?

  1. When you are doing some research work and the website provides some important insights.
  2. For blogs which are humorous, and people click on it to read funny articles everyday.
  3. For sites, that provides fast news on any subject.

How can you make sure that audiences bookmark your website even if it is not as important?

So, it is pretty clear that bookmarking is dead and you do not have to develop a content to make people do so. Anyhow, isn’t it good for your business if people visit your website firstly and if they find satisfactory services, they complete the action at your website only? So, if you have a news website or e-commerce website or a humorous blog, it is essential to get bookmarks.

What you can do for a blog is link the similar kinds of posts altogether. When audiences read one post, they will be tempted to read similar another one, and then the third one. This way when they will not be able to read all interesting posts altogether, they would bookmark it.

For an e-commerce website, you pretty much get loyal customers only. You have to make your product pages so informative that people prefer to visit your website first to search a product rather than going to Google. Provide as much information as you can on the homepage.

For a news website, you have to be quick in releasing the news because people want to be updated when they see that you give the quickest report about everything, they would realize the advantage of bookmarking.

So, you can still get traffic on your website through bookmarks. According to Top 10 SEO Agencies you are not doing any extra efforts for that because everything you do for SEO, works here too.

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