Good Riddance: Google’s Toolbar PageRank

The often asked question regarding Google’s update on toolbar PageRank has been laid at rest. The answer is—never. According to a company’s official the PageRank has been shuttered. In the coming week, any browser toolbars currently making use of the data will stop displaying it.

Yes, something that hold a gold standard once a time is now a history. As I say it previously, I will say it now also that SEO is constantly changing. It has evolved time and gain as is continuing to do so to make it better and more effective. This step by Google is definitely raised considering some huge prospect forefront. As you know that in SEO navigating through all your choices is never easy.

Well, obviously the documents that support toolbar PageRank is officially hinged up with slow burn. From years and years, Google had stopped updating PageRank update and remained quite illusionary about the updates. More appropriately, you can target Google for making the PagerRank score more visible.

When Google first started, PageRank was something it talked about everywhere in the press releases, tech pages and conferences.

For many brilliant SEO professionals like for the one playing with SEO new york and SEO Bilbao the cream has been wiped off. It is not wrong to say that PageRank was and always remain one part of Google search algorithm, and a complete system that told how to rank pages on the web. However, PageRank was not the only factor that could possibly determine the score of the page. There were times when a high page rank was capable to beat a low PageRank when other factors were playing in their favour.

Well SEO, it is right said that the toolbar was an amazing present, a numeric rating of how important Google considered any of their pages to be.

The slow death of PageRank

Well, the Google toolbar that had launched PageRank in the early 2000 slowly became a fading memory. After tasting a decade of success and growth, it felt on its knees. Google when  launched its own Chrome browser that lead search from the toolbar built in , it affected  the major search.

Pager rank witnessed a slow death since 2010 and now it’s a history. Google after taking 10 months in 2013 to finally update the PageRank scores it was feeding into the toolbar for IE users. Google post that has never updated the scores.

PageRank was undoubtedly the most tasteful sauce that Google took kelp of to become the world’s most valuable search engine.

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