All SEO experts have Hearing Issues and that is for real!

It may come out as a little offensive but that makes it no less than a truth. Our SEO friends of Top 10 SEO Company also have some such inabilities to hear what is said to them. They probably have some filters which allows them to hear only what they want to. No one said that they do not deliver exactly what is asked but the thing is they process everything differently. Let us see how SEO experts actually do the good for the local branding of the business.

Habit #1. When we say SEO, they hear web + mobile optimization

SEO experts know that only web optimization is not enough to improve the ranks of a website. Even when clients do not specifically ask them for mobile optimization, they know that it is an inseparable aspect of Google rankings. If client’s website is not optimized for mobile usage, they would lose the edge over the millions of mobile users.

Habit #2. When we say tell to everybody, they hear post on social media

Again, SEO experts know that the quickest way to reach to audiences and potential customers is through social media. Whenever the clients have to make an important announcement or they want to deliver some promotional offer to their targeted audiences, SEOs recommend posting it on social media even before going for a press release. They know that social announcement amplifies the message and doubles its impact.

Habit #3. When you ask whether audiences are along, they turn to Google Plus and Yelp

Audiences reviews matter a lot for any local business. If you want to know whether your audiences are liking you or supporting you, then Google plus and yelp reviews are the best way to find out. These two platforms also decide your Google rankings, good reviews means improved rankings. So, whenever a client asks SEO experts about audience’s reactions, they do not tell anything, just show them the reviews.

Habit #4. When you tell them that You are expanding, they hear create a new Google My Business Page.

For any local business, it is very important that it has local landing pages for all the locations. Different locations also demand different Google My Business page. Constant updating of Google account makes sure that Google recognizes your input and indexes it ASAP. So, expanding or any other location/service based alteration means optimizing Google account for them.

Habit #5. You say be discoverable in ‘Nearby’ search, they hear On-page and Off-page optimization

Whenever a client specifically asks to rank in local results like ‘best SEO company in Boston’, all they understand is; include address everywhere where it can be seen. They embed address of the local branch in website’s H1, H2, meta title and Alt tag of images. They include the website in local directories and listing sites. They also use NAP info on every page of the website and a Google Map is the priority.

We can never know why SEOs have such habits and why they cannot hear what we say in a plain English language. Anyhow, whatever they are doing, all benefits the client ultimately. Top 10 SEO Company of the world have such SEO experts with same kinds of issues, maybe this is the reason for their success.


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