This Post would Change the Way You Target Social Media

How do you decide which social media is important for you? Do you do what all your competitors are doing? Are you actually getting maximum benefits from your social media representation even after hiring best SEO services Company? If you think that social media representation is easy, you are living in the dark. For every SEO company and for brands who are handling their social accounts on their own, it is mandatory to know which social media platform should be used for getting organic traffic and which is best used for paid traffic.

If you are doing everything in your power to get organic traffic from a social platform but in vain, then most probably the platform is not the one. People engage with different social media differently and it is witty to know the correct targeting method. Let us tell you how you should target the social platform based on its age.

The toddlers:

These social platforms are in their infancy, they have gained a new success and not many businesses know about it or use it for posting their content. The main aim of these social platforms is to get audiences and when we represent our brand on them, not only they support us but their audiences become ours. We are a safe haven for these networks and they feel belonged with us. In the early stage of a social platform, it is easy to understand how audiences interact with it and there is a lot of scope for experimenting.

The reach is limited because they do not have a considerable number of audiences but they have the potential to get them. Only two things can happen while representing our brand on toddler social platforms- either they fail and we no longer have to develop content for it (not to mention, its failure would not harm our business) or they gain popularity and give wings to our business too.

Some of such platforms are- Beme, Peach, and Anchor. You can go for organic traffic and earn audiences at these platforms, but still do not leave the other two following platforms which have actually many fold audiences than them.

The teenagers:

So, the networks which were once a toddler gained audience’s support and now have grown to teenagers. You can get organic traffic here too, but the opportunity for paid traffic is growing immensely. If you put latest qualitative content on these platforms, chances are fair that you get clicks and conversions. Since the network is growing, it becomes a little bit cranky like any other teenager and it would start to show some tantrums.

In this stage, many businesses eye on these platforms and they put their content on them. As such due to a large amount of content, only selected content reach to audiences. If a brand needs to reach to audiences, it has to pay to become visible. Moreover, now that the network has made a position in the market, it would also demand some revenue and that they earn through paid media.

The organic search starts shifting to paid search and now businesses do not want only traffic, they want conversions. The networks at this stage are- twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The Adults:

These networks are the toughest. They have seen the world and you cannot mould them according to your need. It is useless to expect that you will get audiences solely based on your good content. If you are not getting good audiences from Facebook, it should not come as a shock, because Facebook is one of these adults.

It has left the organic days in the past. Almost every online business and some offline businesses too, post their content on the Facebook. Now, due to the content overload, Facebook decides which content to be placed in front of audiences and which should not. The more you pay for the advertisements, the better will be the chances to become visible to audiences.

Relying on only organic means is no more an option. Creativity is appreciated, but in the pool of creativeness, how you can make sure that your creativity is the best. Your aim is to earn the profit, you aim to push the users down the sales funnel. Your paid media (PPC) team and the organic (SEO) team should join forces for better representation of such platforms.

Again, it all depends on your work efficiency and smartness. If you are getting a good response from facebook audiences, keep going, but if not, you have to shift your efforts towards paid advertisements. Never think twice to seize a new opportunity, never think that you are doing everything right and it is the fault of the platform. Creative ideas still are relevant on social media and they are just not dead. You have to accept the fact that not everything worth having comes free. So, according to Top SEO Agencies, if you crave audiences and want to increase the engagements, use the correct mix of organic and paid social media marketing.


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