Getting Your Website Developed By A Friend Is A Wise Decision Or Not?

Recently I was sitting at a café reading about SEO services London and suddenly I met one of my acquaintance who spotted me and came to my table. We started talking and then she mentioned about her new website to me which she got developed with the help of her friend. She suddenly asked me if it was a wise decision or not.

In the last five years of my career as a website developer, I have faced this question several times. However, I feel that there is no specific way to analyze this thing without having enough information about it. Still, people often expect you to give them your opinion by simply looking at it once.

With the passing years, I have learned the trick to handling this situation efficiently. Now I clearly understand one thing that your genuine opinion actually doesn’t matters. The only thing that matters is what they want to listen and that is obviously a very positive response.

Trying to pretend in the same line, every time someone throw this diplomatic question at me, I simply look at my phone and open their website to have a look at it with the most neutral face possible.

Most of the times, the websites fails to display on my phone screen because of their poor design or weak coding. So with the most empathetic face, I tell them that their website is not designed from the perspective of mobile devices.

They usually respond with a much-diminished smile that it isn’t just required and the website is doing just fine otherwise. To handle this kind of situations, I continue our conversation by asking them about the purpose of their website to which I often get a further annoyed response.

Most of these acquaintances want to just sell their products and services through these websites and are more than just happy with the design and everything else of their website. They even promote it through their Facebook accounts or by making a separate page for it.

All these experiences have led me to certain concluding points.

Firstly, most of these websites which are often developed by friends do not contain in-depth information which can persuade a buyer to invest his money in any of your product or services.

Secondly, there is no privacy policy or copyright protection for the site’s content. This can create a lot of troubles for the website in near future.

Third, often no organic optimization for search engines is processed on these websites which turn out to be their biggest mistake. Since the audience won’t find it on the first few page of their search results, they will never land up to this website.

These are some of the biggest errors which are never made by any professional web designer like from SEO Manchester. Hence, if any of you who has got their websites developed by a friend reading this article, please take the above points into consideration before proceeding further with your business.

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