ASO is the next SEO

Firstly, you had the brick and mortar shop, you enjoyed the monopoly. Then you extended your business and with the help from one of the Top 10 SEO Firms, you ruled Google too. Now you have developed your own app and it is  doing quite well too, but the quite well is not why we do anything. We want greatness and nothing less. If you want to ace here  like you have been doing till now, you have to invest some resources in the App Store Optimization.

Well, some of the searches for an app start from the search engine and that you have covered well, but the app store is much more important. The market of apps is on the rise and as such you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. You have to optimize app store to become visible because the success of the search engine would not translate here unless you show the utility to your audiences and Google.

Let us give a quick definition of ASO for our readers who know a little less about SEO. App store optimization means a practice in which apps are designed and improved in such a way that it gets a higher position in the app store. The good position ensures that searchers click on it, as it is the first visible relevant option. More clicks mean a better probability of downloading.

You cannot bet on the quality of your app only, if it is not visible, if it is not among top 5 results, the chances of getting downloads are really thin. It is an important thing to notice that when you are visible, you get downloads and when you get downloads, Google recognizes your worth, and move you some spots up. So, it forms a cycle and you need to start anyhow now. Let us see what are the common tactics that help in ASO.

  1. The title: Much like in a content, the title of the app matters too. It is a pre-launch process, but some people change the title of the app after launch. Anyhow, the main thing to keep in mind is that the title should be simple and catchy at the same time. While 63% of app searches are through the app store, but among the rest 37%, the word of mouth or recommendations play an important part. The title should be such that it can go viral easily means it should be widely acceptable and has an easy pronunciation.
  2. Good old keywords: Keywords are important here too. People use a certain set of keywords to find for an app and including those keywords in the app helps to direct audiences to your app. Using keywords in the title is a sure way to get audience’s attention.
  3. Ignite reviews: We all download apps after reading reviews and judging the compatibility of the app for our device. You need to provide users a great experience such that they become the loyal and write good reviews about you on the app store and spread the word of mouth too. Good reviews mean more download and more downloads means a better ranking.
  4. Use SEO: When you get a good rank in Google search for your keywords, it also suggests users downloading your app. Nowadays Google is also experimenting with the 10-minute free use of the app. So, if you want to initiate downloads from outside the app store, you have to make your rank in the search engine strong, such that users gets directed from search engine to app store and download your app. Again, more downloads mean better app rankings.

Like SEO, ASO is also time-consuming and success cannot be achieved in a day. You have to be consistent and you should have patience. The best SEO Companies also help you with app store optimization, because ASO is nothing  but SEO on a sister platform.


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