Less is More, but Sometimes in SEO, it is just Not!

We often believe that simplicity is the best policy and less is more. Less means elegant and more means desperate. Well, SEO seems to differ from this concept. Sometimes, in SEO market, you need more; more efforts, more time, more content and more promotion. SEO is not a business in which once you give what client wants and then done. It demands continuity, so doing more is what fetches success. Top 10 SEO Agencies told us four instances when more is fun.

Use of Visuals

The word count is in the past, now you have to focus on the multimedia that you are using in your content. A picture is worth thousand words, so instead of writing more, you have to show more. The more visuals, the better content, and more engagement. There is no restriction on these visuals, they can be put in each of your content, web posts, blog post and press releases, which brings us to our next point.

Press releases

Earlier, the press releases were used to announce the launch of some products, business advancements and important decisions of a brand. However, now they are used for much more. Now, they can be used to publicise a content. They can be used to provide better insights of a business and they can also be used to answer people’s questions. In the case of press releases, three is the best number. When you use multiple press release, you can engage with audiences better. It provides you an opportunity to explain everything that needs to be explained. You can target different people differently. To read more about that, click here.


In the case of promotions, nothing is more. If you want your voice to reach to a maximum number of people, you have to make it so strong that it becomes a constant in ears of your targeted audience. When you are everywhere, on TV, on social media, on hoardings, on pamphlets and in the emails, then people are most likely to choose you. If you think that online advertising is enough, you may miss out on people above the age of 50 years, who have not used the internet ever.

The more you advertise, the more people will engage with you. Make sure that you are reaching to right kind of audiences and the engagement is both ways.

Contributing to the society

Most of the people like to be associated with a brand that is socially active (we mean the real world). So, it is always good to organise community events, to help the gifted ones and to contribute for the uplifting of the society. There is nothing excess in such kinds of activities. When you tell your audiences multiple times that a fraction of their money is going for a noble cause, they will come forward with even more enthusiasm.

The best SEO services of the world understand the need for consistency, so in order to approach to their goals, they favor more is fun ideology.


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