Captchas are not The Friend that You Have Been Thinking!

Giving proof that you are a human while entering any website seems like an insanity. CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) like numbers and alphabets are bearable, but those deformed alphabets that are hardly distinguishable; are probably the most irritating thing of internet browsing. According to SEO Agencies, captcha protects a website against spams, but in this course, they are taking potential audiences away from the websites.

Let us see the ways CAPTCHA is hurting our content and conversions.

  1. Content behind the captcha is not indexed: Since the captcha is targeted to keep the spam bots away, the Google bots are also not able to bypass them. Even if the captcha is easy and can easily be decoded, Google bots would not bother for that and proceed to another content for indexing. The content is not indexed which means it does not contribute to the search rankings.
  2. Visitors avoid complications: Some captchas are easy, but some are a real pain. Many people do not like an extra step to reach to  a content, thus, they leave the site with the very view of them. If you use them at the wrong place like at the checkout process for e-commerce sites or download section of your ebook, then it does the maximum damage. Seeing a captcha, many people quit the idea of shopping or downloading. Thus, the conversions decrease badly.
  3. Data lost is like a nail in the coffin: If due to entering the wrong captcha, the data that user has filled previously is lost, then the chances that user would even think of visiting your site again are very low. When something is available somewhere else on the internet easily, then people would not go to the trouble of subscribing and entering a captcha.

What is the most feasible approach?

It is better to use less complicated captchas as compared to those tough melting alphabet captchas. The simple addition or number captchas are far better. Audio or video captchas have the highest bounce rates. You can also use third-party spam filters. Some websites used honeypot technique, in which a field was to be kept blank. Robots would not understand the instruction and they would fill that field too, thus giving away their identities. Sometimes, this field is invisible to human and only visible to the bots.

The Call is Yours!

Now, you have to think that avoiding spam is important for your business or you do not want to risk the traffic with captcha. One thing is for sure, spams do not affect your conversions as much as using a CAPTCHA does. In addition to that, these captchas are not a definite way to avoid spam either. If you get a lot of spam that can be filtered efficiently via captcha, then these are your saviour, but if they are not doing any good for you anyway, then you should lose them. Many SEO Companies find captcha a problem rather than the solution, so they do not prefer it. What do you say?


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