Being Correct is More Important than Being Fancy While Writing

What are the key factors that differentiate a professional writer from an amateur? Is it the vocabulary or is it the thought process? Well, neither of these things. A good writing is not dependent upon the use of tricky words and a newbie can have better ideas than a professional writer. So, what truly differentiates them? A professional writer knows the correct grammar and spelling, and he knows proofreading. While many online tools and browser extensions are available, an expert knows better than these tools. SEO Firms publish articles after a complete filter process, the content goes through two writers to pick out mistakes and judge the quality. Let us know how the grammatical and spelling errors are bad for the business and what are the alternatives.

Why writing errors are a big deal?

Well, we are bound to make a few grammatical or spelling mistakes while writing articles. Sometimes, we cannot catch these errors and they go online. Let us see what happens when an errorful content gets published.

  1. People hate other’s errors: While everyone makes a mistake, people seem to not like errors made by others. If going through a content, they observe some error, get ready to receive bad comments. Anyhow, writing mistakes make the article illegible and sometimes it cannot deliver the message that it wanted to. People who find it difficult to ignore the errors, bounce off the content. Using slangs and common people’s language is all right, but grammatical mistakes decrease the overall effectiveness of a content.
  2. Credibility is doubted: When we see some errors in the content, we often doubt whether the rest of the information is good or not. As mentioned before, many people bounce off after catching errors, some of them also get trust issues and they do not proceed to conversions.
  3. The Error is Anti-Quality: If you leave errors in the content, the search engine catches it while indexing, The sole aim of search engines is to provide their users the best-matched content to their search which provides a great value. While Google has not accepted openly that grammar is a ranking factor, but it is obvious that when a large amount of content is already available on the internet, so why would it show the content that is not the top-notch? It is clear that a low-quality content does not get a good place in the search engine, so same is with the case of a content with grammatical and spelling errors.
  4. Google Autocorrect: Google has evolved a lot and it autocorrects the search query based on the relevancy. When you make spelling mistakes in the article, Google indexes it as it is and you cannot expect to get a rank based on a wrong spelling. Earlier, when Google was less sophisticated, SEOs used to make the spelling mistakes deliberately, so that they can target the audiences that make typos while searching. That time has passed now and now, you get red flags for making such writing mistakes, instead of getting accidental audiences.

What does making errors mean?

Some people may think that You are not serious regarding your job. For some people, You are not the expert in your field. They expect some professionalism from you, after all, it is your bread and butter. You should set an example for other writers and show them how experts work in their habitat. Sometimes, people read your blog to learn and when they see mistakes, they learn the wrong writing.

What can be done?

There are two options for proofreading the content before publishing it. Either you can use browser extensions and other tools like Grammarly, or you can use manual proofreading. The content that is written by one writer should be sent to another to have a second look. Sometimes, this helps in the development of a great content. The best SEO services do the both of these, which one do you prefer?

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