Why Should You Choose The Most Suitable Content Management System?

A developer, designer or an SEO expert from any renowned SEO firm like San Francisco SEO company or any other SEO firm are important to build a powerful website, but not only they there are other requirements also which you need to run a business online. As we use advanced programming methods there are other requirements also to build an all-round application.

Here comes the need of integrating a content management system with your site. A CMS is important and it manages every aspect of your website very well. Creating something which everyone can use unanimously is something beyond our imagination but CMS does this. These systems are very customizable and configurable and hence the world is seeing their rising demand.

More about CMS:

The importance of CMS has risen so much that you can predict from this report:

WordPress is shared upto 58.7%,  Joomla (6.6%), Drupal (5%), Magento (2.9%).

Magento is a platform which knows its limits very well and this is the reason why these CMS are used.

WordPress was only a blogging tool when it came into existence, it allowed its users to add posts in a sequential order. But now WordPress has also expanded its dimensions by adding ability to create landing pages, adding ecommerce and many other features. But it is still a blogging engine in real terms.

Drupal and Joomla, on the other hand, provide a very similar platform. Initially, Drupal provided a platform that could be used by an Open Source community to modify it in any way they want. Hence, this feature of Drupal has led to the usage of this CMS by many developers out there because this helps them in  creating a site that provides certain needs for a client. Similarly, Joomla also provides the same services with a slight difference in its methodologies.


  • The greatest advantage of using a CMS is that now programmers do not have to waste their time in creating hectic codes. Here 95% of the work is provided already by the framework.
  • Next, these CMS provide a combination of an ecommerce system, themes, modules and extensions.
  • You can even extend the core functionalities of the system by writing your own code. But these extensions depend on the original design also.
  • Drupal provides you a more generalised way to develop your sites.
  • Experts from St Louis SEO company state that These CMS were developed for a specific use but now they have wide dimensions like Magento was developed for e-commerce but it is also used to design landing pages. WordPress was a blogging platform but it also allows you to sell online. Drupal allows everything with much more customization.

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