Infinite Scrolling can Kill Your Website

While infinite scrolling seems like a catch, it is not suitable for every kind of website. According to SEO agency Perth, Google Images and Social sites like Facebook seems to handle it well, but for e-commerce sites, it can literally kill the user experience and sales. While some people are fascinated by the uninterrupted continuous scrolling, the lack of a footer may irritate some users. Let us know the upsides and downsides of infinite scrolling and then you decide if it can be proved beneficial for your website or damaging.

In the Favor of Infinite Scrolling

  1. The content is loaded dynamically and there is no need to click next button again and again. There is no interruption while browsing the website.
  2. Infinite scrolling raises the curiosity of the browsers and they wait for the next information in the queue. Thus, the user engagement is more and the time spent on the website also increases.
  3. It gives a perfect opportunity to create more user-friendly design for the website, no need for pagination and no need to manage multiple pages.

Against Infinite Scrolling

  1. It gives rise to the greatest web problem of all- increased page load time. Since you have to load a handsome amount of data at once, the page load time increases. With so many options, users now do not wait for slow loading sites, thus, you can lose a lot of visitors.
  2. When you load a great number of pages at once, the browser cannot handle it and it get short of memory, as such ‘site cannot be reached’ message is displayed. With infinite scrolling, the same thing occurs. Browser fell short of memory and your page may be left alone half loaded with the most irritating message of all the times-’Loading…’.
  3. The loading speed decreases, so the navigation become sloppy and it becomes hard to go from one result to another.
  4. Well, there is a remote chance that the browser does not support infinite scrolling. It is more like a responsive design and some browsers may be outdated and cannot handle the scrolling capabilities. You may miss out on lazy people who do not update their browsers and do not know their ways around plug-ins.
  5. The footer is very important for any website where the contact info and other important pages are linked to. Infinite scrolling does not allow footer to show and users may feel lost without a footer.
  6. The infinite scrolling does not give an idea of how much content is remaining, thus, it becomes irritating to just scroll and scroll without knowing how much content you are dealing with. Pagination scheme clearly shows the number of pages and it becomes easy to keep a track of how much you have covered and how much is remaining.
  7. You cannot go back to the desired position directly when you open the page the next time. Bookmarks are pretty much useless for all such pages that support infinite scrolling. You need to start from the start, even going back to a particular position that you just passed is troublesome.

The websites that deal with the images and user generated content can use infinite scrolling efficiently without the loss of the traffic, but other sites especially e-commerce sites should never use it. York SEO suggests not to risk the users interest in your website in the efforts of making it more trendy using infinite scrolling.


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