How to Defeat the Blues and Rock the Interviews

How to Defeat the Blues and Rock the Interviews.pngMany people are scared of public speaking, in fact, most of us are. Very few people are blessed with such a confidence. Interviews are a tad bit harder than the public speaking. At least, there is no one sitting at one hand away from you, continuously looking in your eyes to get the truth out of you. Friendly interviews are not as difficult as the business interviews, your brand’s reputation depends on it. One interview can make or break your image in the commercial world. With the help of Top 10 SEO Firms, we have designed a fool-proof plan to beat those nerve-wracking anxieties and shine in the interviews.

  1. Preparation is the mother of confidence: As already mentioned, most of the people are scared of public interactions, it is OK to be one of them, but if you want to overcome your fear and rock the interview, you should prepare ahead. A good preparation would give you enough confidence to face the journalist. Prepare some general questions that he can ask. Know about your company’s progress and all the events that are happening.
  2. Know about the story: Every interview has a purpose. You should know what the journalist’s story is about. Research on the story and make some points that you have to cover in that. Sometimes, we want to say a lot, but end up in saying something else. It is not bad to carry the notes with you and make sure that you cover every point you wanna do.
  3. Call journalist: If it is feasible, you should call the journalist and have a good conversation with him in advance. This way, you can know about him and his personality. You can know what questions he is going to ask and what answers does he expect. You can resonate with his thought and the interview would go as expected.
  4. Positivity is the key: Your interview is going to mirror your thoughts to your audiences. You should not say anything that can ruin your brand’s authority. Do not reply negatively, do not use harsh words on the journalist. The language should be simple and thoughts should be optimistic. And ‘No comments’ is not cool anymore. Always say ‘I will come back to you with the answer after discussing with the experts’ and then do contact him with the proper answer.
  5. Decide your message: Every interview has a purpose for interviewee and interviewer, but it should also have a message for the audiences too. A good interview ends with a message or a conclusion or promise. Always decide how you are gonna end the interview, this way your interview would not end on a sad note or worst; abruptly.

It is perfectly fine to drop the interview or get someone else to prepare for it. At this point, your ego is not as important as the company’s reputation. So, if you are sure that you cannot pull off the interview, decline it with the utmost sincerity.

Top 10 SEO Firms know the importance of corporate interviews, so advice to be fully prepared, wear the confidence and flaunt the cheerful attitude.

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