How to Create a Viral Infographic?

Texts are so in the past, it is the visual info that makes a content shareable and likeable. Among all the visual content, infographics provide the best of both the worlds; you can write some up to the point info on a beautifully designed background. Cambridge SEO believes that infographics hold the interest of the user and provide marketers an opportunity to communicate with their audiences better. It is said that a picture is worth thousand words, but an infographic contain both the pictures and words, thus it is worth even more. As businesses have understood that plain words, however fancy may be, cannot attract the attention of audiences. So, they are investing more efforts in developing appealing infographics with readable info, that can convey the correct message with lesser words.

Let us know how an ideal infographic should be, such that it can justify the purpose of content marketing-

  1. The head, body and toe: The infographics should have a well-defined structure. All the info in an article is not at the same level. Firstly the problem is mentioned, then setbacks, then the solution and its advantages. Likewise, in an infographic, you need to organize the content in a well-defined manner. An ill-planned infographic is more like a text, people lose interest reaching to the half of it.
  2. The title matters: It is not to mention that the title is one thing that attracts visitors to read the infographic. The infographic has less read time, but still if the title is not persuasive and engaging enough, you cannot get audiences.
  3. Color/Contrast: Since infographic is a visual content, the looks matter the most. You need to decide on what side you need your infographic; more serious or more vibrant. Anyhow, use fewer color variations in it. Having a whole rainbow of colors may shadow the underlying message you want to convey. Limit your color selection to three colors and use them throughout with different shades and hues.
  4. Less but accurate data: Since the visibility of text increases in the infographic, you need to be extra careful about what you are writing in it. If you are going to mention some numbers, confirm their accuracy. A wrong data can put a question mark on your credibility.
  5. Pick your fonts: Another important aspect of the infographic is the font style. Choose the font that can be matched with the color palette. Ensure that it will be legible on those colors and pictures. Change the font size according to the intensity with which you want to express the info. Like to express facts write in bolds and while quoting someone use small fonts in italic. The font should be such that it does not appear as superimposed one, but should look like a part of the background.
  6. Decide the length: A very long infographic is again, boring. It fails the intention of cutting the read time. Moreover, a very long infographic cannot be shared on the social media and no chances that it reaches to the maximum number of people. The ideal length should be around 600*1800.

Well, keep on experimenting till you create a perfect infographic with all the desirable features to appeal your audiences. SEO Company Leeds recommends creating small infographics which can be easily shared over the social media and can go viral.

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