Are We Really Forgetting Our Little ‘Idiot box’?

Idiot box a.k.a. Televisions used to be the primary source of entertainment some time back. These televisions had small screens but the whole family used to sit in front of it enjoying a little ‘family’ time. Nowadays, television screens have gone bigger, but we think that people prefer small screens so, mobile devices are taking over these televisions. Nearly every house has, at least, one television, but the number of mobiles are equal to the family members. So, according to the Top 10 SEO Company, the answer to the above question is Yes, yes we are forgetting our idiot boxes.

The statement is not based on a void

It is a recent Google report where it stated the fact that the video consumption of videos over television has decreased in recent years. The number of people using smartphones for watching videos is increased by 23% while the use of computers for this purpose is increased by 19%. However, televisions are still preferred for live videos.

Does that mean the T.V. industry is dead?

Certainly not! People watch T.V. and it is their favourite time pass, but they watch T.V. on their multimedia devices. The viewership of T.V. content (TV series and TV ads) has increased tremendously and there is no doubt to that. Now, you do not have to sit in front of a T.V. set to watch programs, all you have to have are- smartphones and internet. The digital viewership has drastically shifted from T.V. to mobile phones.

There is a decline of 20% of the traditional T.V. ratings for 18-24 years olds

This generation is consuming video content on digital platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Hulu etc. As compared to these digital platforms, TV screens are getting fewer viewers. 90% of people, who are watching the TV, turn to their mobile phones to get further detailed information. For example, when someone is watching ‘The Flash’, and he want to know what role did ‘Grodd’ play in the Flash comics, then he most probably turn to his mobile and Google it. This way, even if people are watching TVs, their reach is not limited to it.

There are various apps are available on Play Store through which you can mark your favourite TV series and set a reminder. You can also track the episodes that you have viewed and which are released and pending. These apps also tell you the time when an episode is going to be aired. This way, the research starts from mobile devices, TV comes just as a screen. Is this the reason televisions are losing their glory?

Are the Televisions just the screens?

TVs are less interacting than the multimedia devices that we have. Well, some people have TVs that are more interactive, they have set-top boxes or DTH. The percentage of people who have these facilities are less. For most of the people, the facility that TV provides expect being a screen is of being a recorder. They can record their episodes and watch them later. That’s it!

Again, we are not talking about people with whole home theater installed or with very fancy TV sets, we are talking about the masses. The TV is going through tough challenges to attract the mass.

Well, being related to an SEO services Company, this is good for us, because when they interact via the internet, the results are measurable and verifiable. It is previously reported that Facebook ads are more effective than TV ads, so now businesses can know how to target each section of the society based on their preferences.


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